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One Piece Strong Words: Book 1 and Book 2 (ONE PIECE STRONG WORDS 上下巻?) are two books which list quotes from throughout the first 61 Volumes of the One Piece series, with analysis on common themes such as "setting off", "battle", "expectation", "wisdom", and "goodbyes". They contain commentary by Tatsuru Uchida (内田樹 Uchida Tatsuru?), a Japanese essayist, literary researcher, and a professor at Kobe College.


  • Prologue: Words of Setting Off (旅立ちの言葉)
  • Chapter 1: Words of Battle (戦いの言葉)
  • Chapter 2: Words of Resolution (覚悟の言葉)
  • Chapter 3: Words of Wisdom (智慧の言葉)
  • Word Museum: Jokes (言葉の秘宝館—戯言)
  • Chapter 4: Words of Parting (別れの言葉)


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  2. One Piece Strong Words Book 2: Shueisha

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