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One Piece Strong Words 2 (ONE PIECE STRONG WORDS 2 Wan Pīsu Sutorongu Wāzu Sekando?) is book which lists quotes from Volumes 61 to 70 of the One Piece series, with analysis on common themes such as adventure, heroes, curses, future, and transcendency. They contain commentary by Tatsuru Uchida (内田樹 Uchida Tatsuru?), a Japanese essayist, literary researcher, and a professor at Kobe College.


  • Chapter 5: Words of Love (愛の言葉)
  • Chapter 6: Words of Bonding (絆の言葉)
  • Chapter 7: Words of Evil (悪の言葉)
  • Word Museum: Poetry (言葉の秘宝館—詩)
  • Chapter 8: Words of Vitality (生きの言葉)
  • Epilogue: Words of Farewell (餞別の言葉)


  1. One Piece Strong Words 2: Shueisha

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