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A ramune, the little candy that goes along with every figure.

Since 2002, Bandai releases Super Deformed (or SD) rendition of One Piece characters. Figures have a size of about 5 cm tall and are always released along a candy, called "ramune". There are 2 main series, 1 side-set and 2 special event sets.

World seriesEdit

This is the very first SD series released by Bandai.

One Piece WorldEdit

World1 box

One Piece World 2Edit

World2 box

One Piece World 3Edit

World3 box


On October 29, 2003, the image song titled Jungle Fever was released as a single, in a regular and a special version. The special version was a package bundled with 7 figures representing the 7 Straw Hat members at the time. They were reproduction of the same figures found in World 3, but with an alternative color scheme.


Figure Collection seriesEdit

Each part of the Figure Collection series, sometimes shortened to FC, is focused on a particular arc of One Piece, reproducing some of the mugiwara and characters introduced during the arc.

FC is the longest mini-figure series, with an average release every 6 months.

At the time FC1 came out, a lot of shops listed this set as World 4. The same thing happened to FC2, listed as World 5. Indeed, the World series did come up before and shared the same characteristics as the current FC series. But after FC3 was released, it became obvious that Bandai intended FC to be a different series from the original World one, despite Bandai left numbering out after FC3 (the only exception is FC8).

From FC4 and onwards, each set comes with a unique name. As this series is only intended for Japanese domestic market, Bandai did not give out official English names. Thus, this article gives a direct translation from Japanese. Shops may call them under different but close enough references.

One Piece Figure Collection (FC1)Edit

FC1 box

One Piece Figure Collection 2 (FC2)Edit

FC2 box

One Piece Figure Collection 3 (FC3)Edit

FC3 box

One Piece Figure Collection ~Water Seven~ (FC4)Edit

FC4 box

One Piece Figure Collection ~Franky Appearance~ (FC5)Edit

FC5 box

One Piece Figure Collection ~Fierce Fighting! CP9~ (FC6)Edit

FC6 box

One Piece Collection EX Go Go Chopperman (FC EX)Edit

FCEX box

One Piece Collection Pirate Crew Heroes (FC7)Edit

  • Release date: early February 2007
  • Price: 180¥ (189¥ with VAT)
  • Content: one figure, one stand, one mini-card and a ramune (kind of candy) inside each box
  • Arc: Enies Lobby
  • Total of 8 characters + 1 secret (Post-Gear 3 Chibi Luffy and Fata Morgana Chibi Nami)
FC7 box

One Piece Collection Luffy Family 8 (FC8)Edit

  • Release date: early July 2007
  • Price: 180¥ (189¥ with VAT)
  • Content: one figure, one stand, one Wanted! card and a ramune (kind of candy) inside each box
  • Arc: Post-Enies Lobby
  • Total of 8 characters + 2 secrets (Monkey D. Dragon and Luffy with a golden base)
FC8 box

One Piece Collection Grand Pirates (FC9)Edit

  • Release date: early January 2008
  • Price: 180¥ (189¥ with VAT)
  • Content: one figure, one stand, one character card and a ramune (kind of candy) inside each box
  • Arc: Post-Enies Lobby
  • Total of 9 characters + 1 secret (Luffy with a blue cloak)
FC9 box

One Piece Collection Thriller Bark Night (FC10)Edit

  • Release date: late June 2008
  • Price: 180¥ (189¥ with VAT)
  • Content: one figure, one stand, one character card and a ramune (kind of candy) inside each box
  • Arc: Thriller Bark
  • Total of 9 characters + 1 secret (Nami with a pinky wedding robe and a blue fx on the Clima Tact)
FC10 box

One Piece Collection Thriller Bark Fight (FC11)Edit

  • Release date: early December 2008
  • Price: 180¥ (189¥ with VAT)
  • Content: one figure, one stand, one character card and a ramune (kind of candy) inside each box
  • Arc: Thriller Bark
  • Total of 9 characters + 1 secret (Bartholomew Kuma)
FC11 box

One Piece Collection Landing! Sabaody Archipelago!! (FC12)Edit

  • Release date: early June 2009
  • Price: 180¥ (189¥ with VAT)
  • Content: one figure, one stand, one character card and a ramune (kind of candy) inside each box
  • Arc: Sabaody Archipelago
  • Total of 10 characters + 1 rare color figure (Luffy sitting on a golden fish)

One Piece Collection Sneaking In! Impel Down!! (FC13)Edit


One Piece Collection STRONGWORLD (FC14)Edit



Bandai also released a "STRONGWORLD Special" limited edition, only available during the Jump Festa'10 convention on December 19–20, 2009, which contains the 9 Mugiwara in an alternate pearl colored version.


One Piece Collection VS The Seven Ouka Shichibukai (FC15)Edit



On the 27th of July 2010, Bandai released a pearl colored version of this set, under the name VS The Seven Ouka Shichibukai Special at 2,415¥ a whole box (2,300¥ with VAT). Luffy sports a yellow shirt instead of a blue one, and Blackbeard wears a red cardigan instead of a white one.


One Piece Collection Showdown!! Pirates vs Marines!! (FC16)Edit


One Piece Collection Promise for Freedom (FC17)Edit



Late December 2010, Bandai released another set of pearl color version figures, called Ace Rescue Special - Formation A. But this time, it will be a mix of figures coming from several previous sets:

  • From FC 15: Ace, Jinbe, Hancock, Whitebeard,
  • From FC 16: Luffy, Crocodile, Ivankov,
  • From FC 17: Marco, Jozu, Buggy.

One Piece Collection Change the World (FC18)Edit

One Piece Collection Change the World
One Piece Collection Change the World Characters

One Piece Collection To the Sea of the Strongs (FC19)Edit

One Piece Collection To the Sea of the Strongs
One Piece Collection To the Sea of the Strongs Characters


Late August 2011, another pearl set was released, called Rookie Special at ¥2,300 the set of 11 fugires (VAT not included). It re-used 9 models of previously released figures and 2 new figures:

FC-Rookie Special-box
FC-Rookie Special

One Piece Collection Nine Pirates (FC20)Edit

FC20 box


Early December 2011, Bandai released another pearl colored set yet. Called One Piece Collection - Straw Hat Crew Pearl Color Special, it simply reprised the above 9 models used to represent Luffy and his crew.


One Piece Collection Danger of the Deep Sea (FC21)Edit

FC21 box

One Piece Collection - Undersea Paradise (FC22)Edit


One Piece Collection - Fishmen and Humans (FC23)Edit


One Piece Collection — Dream and Vow Doesn’t change (FC24)Edit


One Piece Collection — Film Z (FC25)Edit


One Piece Collection - Film Z Adventure of New World (FC26)Edit


One Piece Collection - Punk Hazard Shambles (FC27)Edit


One Piece Collection - Route to the 10th Anniversary Piece Collection Pirate King (FC28)Edit


One Piece Collection - Punk Hazard Panic (FC29)Edit


One Piece Collection - Warriors of Piece Collection Coliseum (FC30)Edit


One Piece Theater ~Various Time~Edit

This set of figures is based on Oda's side comics that were drawn when he was given three sheets of blank paper by his editor and told to draw anything. These 3-page short comics themselves were edited at the end of each One Piece Log (Weekly Jump-sized books that contain entire arcs of One Piece), and anime versions were broadcasted on October 2006 from episodes 279 to 283.

OPTheater box

Shonen Jump 40th AnniversaryEdit

For the 40th anniversary of Shonen Jump, Bandai released several figure sets featuring crossover of several Jump titles.

Dragon Ball x One Piece Dream FusionEdit

This set featured Dragon Ball and One Piece. Bandai must have chosen both of them as they are in the top 2 of all-time best-selling titles in Japan[1]

DBxOP box

Dragon Ball x One Piece x Naruto Unrivaled 3x3 FigureEdit

This set featured 3 of the most popular shonen titles at the time and in the top 5 of all-time best-selling titles in Japan. Strictly speaking, this set is not a crossover as each character rendition does not change from their canonical one.

Each series is represented by 4 figures, whose stands can be combined to make a unique circular stand.

DBxOPxN box


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