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Manufactured by Banpresto, this series is named Super Effect as each figure is showed in fighting form, using dynamic movements. Each released set is formed of 4 characters. A figure is about 8-9 cm tall.

The Super Effect - Devil Fruit User subseries is showing character own Devil Fruit's power. The Super Effect - Shichibukai subseries is showing the Shichibukai performing powerful attacks, not always related to devil fruit powers.

Super Effect - Devil Fruit User

ワンピース スーパーエフェクト能力者フィギュア

Volume 1

This set was released mid-April 2010.

It consists of 4 figures:

Super FX Devil User 1a.png
Super FX Devil User 1b.png

Volume 2

Released early August 2010, it features Luffy Gear 2 again, but this time in an alternative red color scheme, and other characters as following:

Super FX Devil User 2a.png
Super FX Devil User 2b.png
Super FX Devil User 2 - Luffy.png

Volume 3

Released late November 2010, it features the following characters:

Super FX Devil User 3.png

Volume 4

Released mid-February 2011 with those characters:

Super FX Devil User 4.png

Super Effect - Shichibukai

ワンピース スーパーエフェクト七武海フィギュア

Volume 1

Released mid-December 2011:

One Piece Super Effect Shichibukai.png

Volume 2

Released late February 2012

One Piece Super Effect Kuma.png
One Piece Super Effect Doflamingo.png
One Piece Super Effect Moria.png
One Piece Super Effect Mihawk.png

Super Effect - Supernova

ワンピース スーパーエフェクト超新星フィギュア

Volume 1

Released late May 2012 with a gross price of ¥28,000 for a box of 56 figures, this set was composed of:

Super Effect - Supernova.png

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