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One Piece Treasure Cruise is an RPG video game. It follows the plot of the manga from Luffy's childhood to Whole Cake Island, however, more of the manga's story is added periodically. There are also many extra quests based on later parts of the manga and filler from the anime.[1][2][3]



Treasure Cruise follows the standard turn-based gameplay of traditional RPGs. The game proceeds through a variety of islands based on the different story arcs of the series. Each island contains a number of different levels where the player fights hordes of enemies.

Crew Information

The player can organize up to eight crews with the playable characters they acquire as they progress through the story, gacha pulls and various promotions. They can put up to six people in each crew, and can also sacrifice the generic playable enemy and animal characters to increase the levels of and evolve other characters.


One Piece Treasure Cruise features simple tap controls. An attack is initiated by tapping any character in the lower part of the screen, and tapping other characters at the right time forms combos and deals extra damage. The combos are "miss", "good", "great", and "perfect". Also, the player can have a chain attack boost for getting good, great, and perfect. Many characters possess unique special abilities that can to help turn the battle in the player's favor.


Almost all characters that are present in gameplay are acquirable as playable characters. The only exception so far is Frieza, who was available in a past crossover event. Most characters also come in many different versions depending on what part of the manga they come from, or different promotional events.


Some of the common enemies resemble some of the characters from the series but lack their canon names and have different abilities:




Throughout the game, different ships can be acquired for use with the player's crews. The ships alter the crew's stats, and can be leveled up. They are leveled up using cola, and have a max level.


  • Most units are released in the Japanese version of the game first. However, a few break this pattern:
    • Monkey D. Luffy, Kung Fu Training is the first Legend unit to come to the Line version of the game first. It was also released in the Global version but not the Japan version.
    • Condoriano is the first Global-exclusive Ambush boss.
    • Local Sea Monster is the first Global-exclusive Raid Boss.


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