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One Piece Variety: I Will be the Pirate King TV (ワンピースバラエティ 海賊王におれはなるTV Wan Pīsu Baraeti: Kaizoku-ō ni ore wa naru TV?) is a monthly One Piece-themed variety television program broadcasted by Fuji TV.[1]


One Piece Variety is a variety talk show hosted by comedy duo Kamaitachi, composed of Kenji Yamauchi and Ryuichi Hamaya.[2] It is narrated by Monkey D. Luffy's voice actor, Mayumi Tanaka. The show hosts celebrity guests, like comedian and One Piece fan Masakazu Mimura.[1]

One Piece Neta-1GP

One Piee Neta-1GP (ワンピネタ-1GP?) is a competition segment in which entertainers submit their own One Piece skits and impressions. The participant with the best impression is awarded Most Valued One Piece Story (Most Valuable One Pieceネタ?). The first broadcast received 141 participants despite only have a 1-week application period.[1] Kamaitchi usually dresses up as well during the segment as Gaimon and Roronoa Zoro.


Episodes can be watched on Fuji TV's on-demand service, FOD.[3] However, the third episode was removed from VOD after one of the guests, actor Kentaro Ito, was arrested for on suspicion of a hit-and-run.[4][5]


Episode Name Air Date/Time Guests Characters
1 N/A August 7, 2020
Masakazu Mimura (Summers)
2 N/A September 18, 2020
Shimofuri Myojo / Kunihiro! (Wild Bomb)
3 N/A October 25, 2020
Kentaro Ito / Kazuki Iio (Zun)
4 Who Has the Most Love for One Piece in 4,000 Heads? (四千頭身で一番ワンピ愛があるのは? Shinsen tōshin de ichiban wanpi ai ga aru no wa??) November 20, 2020
4,000 Heads / Ryuichi Kosugi (Black Mayonaise) / Kazuki Iio (Zun)
5 Miki is Here with Devil Fruit Abilities! (悪魔の実能力者でミキが登場! Akuma no jitsu nōryoku-sha de Miki ga tōjō!?) December 27, 2020
Miki / Kazuki Iio (Zun)
6 EXIT Talks about His Love of One Piece (EXITがワンピ愛を語りまくる Egujitto ga wanpi ai o katari makuru?) January 22, 2021
EXIT / Kazuki Iio (Zun)
7 The Greatest Story of One Piece: the Summit War! (ワンピ凄い話 頂上戦争! Wanpi sugoi hanashi chōjō sensō!?) February 26, 2021
Kazuki Iio (Zun) / Bioni / New Year's Day / Yuusuke Maeno (Crossbar Direct Hit) / Ryosuke Kono (Reiwa Kita-Minami) / Kiri / Ryota


One Piece Premier Show: Marionette
Hosts Kenji Yamauchi, Ryuichi Hamaya
Narration Mayumi Tanaka and others
Chief Producer Yuki Matsumoto (Fuji TV)
Producer Shota Oizumi (Fountain)
Director Kotaro Tamano (Fuji TV)


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