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One Piece Volume 333 is a free volume that was distributed to visitors to Tokyo One Piece Tower who had the "Live & Park Pass". Only one set was be published, meaning distribution has ceased. The volume commemorates the third anniversary of the Tokyo One Piece Tower theme park, and features content about the park's history in addition to an interview between Oda and the band GReeeeN as well as behind-the-scenes stories.[1][2]


  • Chapter 1: Making of TOKYO TOWER
  • SBS in Tongari Island part 1
  • Chapter 2: Making of LIVE ATTRACTION
  • Chapter 3: Special Interview
  • SBS in Tongari Island part 2

SBS Notes

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  • The volume number, in addition to referencing the third anniversary of Tokyo Tower, also references the height of the tower, which is 333 meters.[2]


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