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Please see Wikia:Licensing for details of the licensing on this wiki.

All characters and items featured in this wikia were created by Eiichiro Oda.

Please note that all pictures are not owned by the One Piece Wiki and are subject to copyright status by Shueisha's Jump Comics division, Toei Animation and related media based groups.

Image Submission Rules[]

All images submitted into the One Piece Wiki are used under a fair use rationale. All images use the following rules of submission.

  1. The image should be used to demonstrate the appearance of:
    • A character within the series.
    • A object or item which is unique to the series.
    • A event such as the use of a ability, purely being used as a demonstration to support a set of text.
  2. It is not to be used as:
    • Purely decorative reasons on the page
    • Jokes within the One Piece Wiki membership or outside it.
    • Discrimination or propaganda against an individual or organization within or outside the One Piece Wiki membership aimed at humiliating or violating their rights and privacy.
  3. The image is being used in an informative way and should not detract from the source material.
  4. The image does not limit the author's or media companies involved with the production of this image ability to sell the series.

Violating these rules is a serious offense. Any image being used against these rules will be removed and the user banned from further editing Wikia.

Important Warning[]

Please note that breaking copyright rules is not just an offense on the One Piece Wiki but also against the international laws of Japan, USA and other related countries involved. One Piece Wiki cannot be held responsible if you are caught breaking these copyright related laws.