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As discussed in this page since we didn't want to completely want to delete the page, we thought that we should continue updating it. So, we thought of beginning nominations of three days before a month end because the nominations will last only three days. Then begin the poll on the first day of the next month that will last for a week. We will start with February, though we are starting it later than planned. Please remember to update the associate template when a poll ends.

For the list of featured articles, see Template talk:Random Featured Article/List.


  • One nomination per user.
  • Sign your nomination.
  • Non Main-space articles are not permitted.
  • You must have 300 edits and 3 months of experience on this wiki in order to vote. 
  • You can't nominate articles about chapters, episodes and articles that are already in the {{Content}} template.
  • In the event of a tie each article that is tied gets featured.

March-Part 1


The nominations period started on March 8, 12:00 UTC and ended on March 15, 12:00 UTC

  1. Shuzo Besty17Talk 04:27, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

March 2015-Part 1


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