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This page helps users to know which pages should and should not be created.

Pages that should be createdEdit

Pages that contain important information regarding the series, such as:

  • Ships (Only named ships)
  • Items that serve an important and are related to the series

Pages that should not be createdEdit

  • Anything that is not related to the series
  • Characters, animals, ships etc. that are unnamed
  • Animal species (they are recorded in the Animal Species page and its subpages)
  • Speculative pages

Before You Create A PageEdit

  • If the subject was introduced in a new chapter or episode, be sure to check the translation to see if it is correct; as many early translations are incorrect and may result in the page being named wrong.
  • Check to see that the page has not already been created, as you may be looking at a wrong translation. You could, however, create a redirect with that translation in order to guide people like you to the correct page.
  • Only create pages if you have added all the necessary information. See Page Layouts to know what needs to be added. Blank pages should never be created, and you should only create pages to add information, not just to be the one who created the page.

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