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What is sourcing information?Edit

It is referencing where information comes from, such as a chapter of a book.

  • The priority of sources used on this wiki is as follows: Original manga > SBS > Databooks > Anime > Accurate translations (by reliable scanlating groups or translators) > Official English dubs (such as Viz and Funimation).

Why reference?Edit

There are many reasons why it is important to reference a piece of information:

  1. It makes it easy to look up the information on the page and check it is correct.
  2. It proves the information is not speculation.
  3. It allows others to look up the information themselves if they want to read further into the subject matter.

Without referencing, much of what is written on a page cannot be taken as legit, even if it is.

How do I reference?Edit

Referencing is easy.

1 Start off with the code: {{qref

2 If you are using the reference multiple times on a page, give it a unique name such as: {{qref|name=Example1

  • Giving a name to a reference allows you to use it multiple times on one page. Once you have the first reference written out, you can just put in the code {{qref|name=Example1}} in all the other cases where the same reference is to be put. A name is not needed when the chance of having the same reference twice in a page is minimum. Also, keep in mind that always the first reference of the page needs to be written out, not the second or the third. A standard formula for these names is cXXX with XXX being the chapter number. So for example: {{qref|name=c542|

3 Next we add the chapter number: {{qref|name=Example1|chapter=3

4 Once the chapter number is filled in, it is time to put in what pages of the chapter the reference refers to: {{qref|name=Example1|chapter=3|page=14-15

  • The pages do not need to be included when the reference refers to the whole chapter. This is usually in the arc pages. Also, another thing to watch out for: double pages count as two pages. The chapter cover will always count as the first page. A color spread will count as two pages as well. A magazine cover will not add to the page count. Keep in mind that when referencing something on a double page, the left page will be the higher number.

5 Now we add the episode number: {{qref|name=Example1|chapter=3|page=14-15|episode=5

  • This is of course only possible when the episode accompanying the chapter in the reference is released already, but putting the code in and leaving the episode number itself blank when the episode is not yet released is advisable.

6 The text is next: {{qref|name=Example1|chapter=3|page=14-15|episode=5|text=Luffy beats Crocodile.

  • The text is used so that users can immediately see what the reference refers to just by looking in the list of references at the bottom of the page or at the pop-up. It needs to be a short summary of what is referenced, written in present tense. Short sentences usually suffice.

7 Then we close the coding with }} so it ends up looking like this: {{qref|name=Example1|chapter=3|page=14-15|episode=5|text=Luffy beats Crocodile.}}

8 The last thing to do is add the following coding to a page (if it isn't already there somewhere):


Once the amount of references is getting too much for a page, which is usually about 10 references, there will need to be a scrollbox. To put in a scrollbox, simply replace <references/> with {{References}}.

For reference to a book, movie, et cetera, go to Template:Qref. If you need help with referencing, you can contact our Reference Crew here. They will be more than pleased to help you with your problems. And if you have the passion for referencing, you might even end up joining the crew!

The End ResultEdit

After this the page will contain the reference. It will look like a number in a square like this: [1] and appear in the references section like this:


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 1 Chapter 3 (p. 14-15) and Episode 5, Luffy beats Crocodile.


Our Qref template has shortcuts for our convenience:

  • chapter=3 can be shortened to chap=3.
  • episode=5 can be shortened to ep=5.
  • text= can simply be left out.

The reference with shortcuts will now look like this: {{qref|name=Example1|chap=3|page=14-15|ep=5|Luffy beats Crocodile.}}. The result will be the same.

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