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The following is a list of questions you should look up yourself before you add a trivia note. Rather than list what are and are not good examples of trivia, it is easier to list examples of past things that have been added by editors and why they are allowed or not any more in trivia sections.

1. [Character X] is the only female/male member of [Group Y], should I note that on the page?
Answer: In all due fairness, the gender of most characters in One Piece is obvious. But every group should have a identification template on it, with a picture of every member of that group. It is fairly simple to identify female members and pointless to point out the obvious.
2. [Character X] is the only non-human/human member of [Group Y], should I note that on the page?
Answer: Again, this is not worth mentioning. The race will be on that character's page via categories or other place.
3. ...And any other "obvious" things related to [Character X]?
Answer: Let us put it this way; it should not appear as though it was written by "Captain Obvious". Trivia has to be informative, jot down the notes and information related to a character, not point out things like "Jinbe does not have a Devil Fruit", because it is obvious by the lack of a "Devil Fruit" section in his "Abilities and Powers" section. It is okay to jot down a fact they may have not noticed, but pointing out the obvious can sometimes be taken that the reader themselves is incapable of finding out the information without a dumbed down version being noted in the trivia section.
4. [Character X] has a name link, can I mention this link?
Answer: Yes, if it is approved by general members, a note of possible links or confirmed name links, is worth mentioning in a trivia, providing it is not elsewhere on the page - make sure you check for a "Translation and Dub issues" section, some names like "Nami" will have a translation note in there.
5. [Character X] has a birthday on [Date Z], can I note that?
Answer: Yes, but it must be expanded upon, i.e., a note as to why that character has their birthday on that date. Reason is, a birthday is also found in the "infobox" section.
6. [Character X] punched/fought/beat [Character A] and is the first/only to beat that character from [Group Y], can I note this down?
Answer: No, in the past it was allowed but it became out of hand. There should be no need to note who was the first person to lay hand on an admiral, or who fought who when History and Vs. sections exist. Likewise just as noting Win/Lost in the "Vs." is considered turning it into a scoreboard, so it can also seem to make a Trivia section a scoreboard.
7. [Character X] is the 6th person from [Group Y] to appear, is this alright to note?
Answer: This was allowed previously with the Will of D. characters but got out of hand. Particularly, when a character was introduced as a D. who had been known under a different alias until then it meant the rewriting of several pages. Also, by the time the 4th character of any group has appeared, they have lost anything "unique" related to them. Group pages such as the one for the D.s, can more then handle all things related to that group so there is no need to write this down on individual pages.
8. I found a possible cultural reference that [Character X] may be based on, is this okay to add?
Answer: Yes; however, if the reference has not been confirmed by Oda, then you must note that it is possibly a reference rather than outright claiming it to be a reference as though it is a fact.
9. Oda recently said something related to [Character X] in an SBS/interview, can I add that to the Trivia?
Answer: Yes, of course, that is what the trivia is for. Pay attention to what else is on a page first (example, "Translation and Dub Issues" will handle translation issues as per the name's sake, while "Early One Piece" will handle creation notes issued by Oda.
10. Can I post Speculation here?
Answer: No, we have the forums for just such a thing and Mythbusters to crack down on the popular myths fans pass around as fact. On top of this, you can speculate yourself via your own "blog".
11. Can I note [Character X] looks like [Character A]?
Answer: No, take note within any artists given style there will be similarities between characters of similar builds. Take for instance Nami and Nefeltari Vivi, whose faces and bodies are almost the same, but everything else is different. This should not be in the page at all, not even in the main bulk. The only time it should be mentioned is if someone sends a SBS question to Oda and Oda notes something related to it. So far, the only one Oda has noted is Tashigi and Kuina, who were purposely drawn alike by Oda and are well-known to be drawn this way. There are also of course parent and child similarities (such as Nico Robin and Nico Olivia) however it is typical for a child to look like one or both of their parents. Either way, these belong in the "Appearance" section of the page, not "Trivia".
12. [Character X] is similar to [Character Y], can I note this?
Answer: It depends, in what ways are they similar? Please limit comparisons to characters that play very similar roles in the story, or have similar character arcs. Please do not use superficial comparisons like personality or general abilities; in a series with hundreds of characters, there is going to be considerable overlap of minor traits across the board. Only note minor similarities if they are acknowledged by Oda, or one of the characters in the series. Typically, shared traits are noted by categories.
  • Birthdays: Two characters sharing a birthday is not noteworthy, unless those characters have something in common. For example, it is trivia worthy to note that Basil Hawkins and Shyarly, who are both fortune-tellers, were both born on September 9th which is Fortune-Telling Day.
  • Voice Actors: A character sharing a voice actor with a character from a different series is not noteworthy unless the two characters have something in common. For example, it is trivia worthy to note that Charlotte Katakuri and Joseph Joestar, who can both see into the future, share the same voice actor.
13. Can I note [Event B] happened to [Character X] for the first time?
Answer: No. When an event happens for the first time, it should be noted in "Chapter Notes" of the related chapter it occurred in. Again, this is something we allowed in the past but have discontinued due to the amount of such info ending up on character pages. For instance, the first time a character uses Haki, should be recorded in that character's "Abilities and Powers" section as well as their "History" section, and ultimately noted on the Haki page.
14. Can I note [Character X] appeared in [Video Game 1]?
Answer: No. This should either be on the Video Games page, or on the character page but in a "Merchandise" section. If there is not one, one can be added to house this information.
15. Can I note [Character X] has a bounty and its amount?
Answer: No. This should be either in their "info box" or held on the page Bounties. Although the exception to this is when the number is significant, such as Urouge's bounty amount Beli108,000,000 which is important to note since "108" has a religious value.

Other Questions[]

Other Questions you may have:

1. If I am not sure if this belongs in the trivia, or if it even belongs anywhere on the page, can I ask permission before entering it?
Answer: Yes! If in doubt, always ask, and other editors will advise you on the information. Better to ask first and get replies than to go ahead and enter the information, only to find yourself being told off for entering incorrect information. You can either seek out the advice of more prominent members, or (preferably) ask on the talk page.
2. There is not a trivia section on [Character X's] page - can I add one?
Answer: Yes, but do not add trivia for the sake of having a trivia section. This is properly the most important aspect of trivia to take in, knowing when not to add trivia. If you add trivia that is not satisfactory, it may be removed. However, you can ask for an explanation from the editor who removed it, otherwise it is not advisable to read the information. This can easily led to a edit war.
3. There is a trivia section on [character X's] page but I want to remove it - can I?
Answer: Yes. If the reasons are justified for removing it then by all means feel free to do so. However, if the information is satisfactory enough to stay, then you cannot remove the information and be aware the same problems as with most wiki things - not everyone will share your opinion. It is best to look at the trivia, check to see what is passable and what is not. If you truly want to remove a trivia section, you can also look at it another - where else on the page can you move the information to? You often find half the things added to a trivia section are just breaking the "Captain Obvious" guideline (no.3) or should have been added elsewhere (usually in personality).
4. Why was my trivia removed? It followed these guidelines!
Answer: Consult the editor who removed it, it may simply be a case of error on the editors part, or in some cases a simple case of "good trivia - wrong page". Example, a trivia you add to Shichibukai may be more suitable for the chapter it happened to be noted on then the actual Shichibukai page itself. Regardless, go over the guidelines once more, in case you missed something. If you cannot sway the editor who removed it and you think you are right, it is better to bring it up on the talk page related to the trivia note and get other editors involved. Ultimately, if the greater wikia community does not agree with it, then perhaps waiting a few months may be a better measure and reopening the issue when more supporting information comes up, if at all. Opinions can change over time.
5. What phrases I should not use?
Answer: "Some fans", "most fans", "many fans"... Basically vague or encyclopedic sounding phrases. It boils down to asking how many fans exactly is "many fans" - 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, etc. "Maybe", "possibly" and "perhaps" can also stand on the middle ground as such vague words. Also avoid "It should be noted..." as this has been overused as a "catch all" phrase and thus makes a text boring to read. This is similar to using the word "nice" is considering "boring" as a descriptive word when overused (the nice boy boy went to the nice beach, to play on the nice day with the nice girl...).
6. Should I write something here if it is already on the page?
Answer: As strange as it may seems, often you will get trivia that is just a repeat of another section of the page (not always in the same words). Usually its added because the editor involved did not read the page through and missed that it was on the page, but sometimes they find it there and added it anyway. If the information is on the page once, do not add it in the trivia section. We have had a case before where the same bit of information was in a character's Personality, Abilities and Powers, History and Trivia sections. Information that is repeated so many times makes a page boring, as though desperate to have content regardless readers do not want to have to keep reading the same information over and over again. Please check the page through before editing so you are not repeating information, or if you know the information is already there - do not add it to the Trivia as if it is already on the page regardless, it is hardly "trivia" worthy.

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