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This is a list of missing references from wiki pages, who are either hard to find or non existing.

How to Use[edit source]

  1. Please add any missing references you find to the list. Make sure to add the date you add it, and not the date the information was added to the page.
  2. Please try to point out the statement\s need of referencing in case the page has more then one.
  3. Any reference not found within a month after being added to the list would be deemed speculation and be removed fittingly.
  4. You may add a possible source if you found a part of the information and require the help of other users to confirm it.
  5. Please do not delete the missing reference from the table for a week after adding the reference in case the source isn't credible since a proper reference is still missing.

List[edit source]

Missing[edit source]

This is a list of the missing references.

Page Section Subject Date added Possible sources Notes
Animal Species/Alabasta Saga Giant Dolphin Longevity 08 May 2019 One Piece Blue: Grand Data File p.90
Translation needed
Brook/Misc. Trivia Oda's Concept 09 May 2019
Doerena Kingdom Region 27 May 2019
Eric Trivia Concept 10 May 2019 Rainbow animation guidebook p.268
Translation needed

Trial[edit source]

This is a list of found sources on a week trial period.

Page Section Subject Date added Possible sources Notes
Horu Horu no Mi Strengths and Weaknesses Penetrate Devil Fruit users bodies 09 May 2019
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