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All of the following can be found on our wiki, but can you answer these questions WITHOUT looking them up? Will you accept the challenge? Lets see if you have been paying attention to One Piece! Are you a true fan? You're about to find out. (Answers can be found by clicking the [+] sign)

1. How long did Portgas D. Rouge's pregnancy last?
Answer: Twenty months.
2. What is the bounty of "Rookie" Rockstar?
3. Who wrote about a "Fifth Emperor"?
Morgans in whole cake island arc.
4. Who of the eleven Supernovas ate a Zoan Devil Fruit?
Answer: X Drake.
5. How much did Robin's bounty increase by after the Enies Lobby incident?
Answer: Just by one million.
6. In Mock Town, how did Bellamy lose to Luffy?
Answer: He was knocked out with a single punch to the face.
7. True or false: the Bara Bara no Mi will let you fly across the ocean.
Answer: False, the user can only fly a certain distance from his feet.
8. What is the name of the mayor of Luffy's hometown?
Answer: Woop Slap.
9. Who were the five vice admirals who carried out the Buster Call of Enies Lobby?
Answer: Doberman, Momonga, Onigumo, Strawberry, and Yamakaji.
10. In which order were the four children of Neptune and Otohime born?
Answer: Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi, Manboshi and Shirahoshi.
11. Who among Chaka, Igaram and Pell didn't eat a Devil Fruit?
Answer: Igaram.
12. What flag had to be changed in the manga because of sensitive issues and what was the issue it was changed over?
Answer: Whitebeard's flag as it could be mistaken for a swastika.
13. What does the Breath Dial do? Bonus: What rare dial could be considered its upgrade?
Answer: It stores and releases air. Bonus: the Jet dial, which does exactly the same thing however it releases the air at a much quicker rate.
14. What was the first instance of Super Human Speed seen that was later confirmed by Oda?
Answer: Kuro's move Shakushi.
15. What was Brogy and Dorry's original reason for fighting each other?
Answer: They had a hunting contest between them, however they could not decide who actually had won the contest.
16. Who is the only Shandia able to use Mantra?
Answer: Aisa.
17. How much does Nami charge for seeing her naked?
Answer: Beli.png100,000 per view.
18. What is the highest position within the Marines?
Answer: Fleet Admiral.
19. Who were Thriller Bark's "mysterious four"?
Answer: Gecko Moria, Absalom, Perona and Hogback.
20. How many different routes start from Reverse Mountain?
Answer: There are seven different routes.
21. What reason does Sanji give for not fighting Kalifa?
Answer: He would never hit a woman no matter what the circumstances.
22. What color is the band on Luffy's straw hat? Bonus: what important item was kept under the band that was first given to him during the Arabasta Arc?
Answer: It's red. Bonus: Ace's Vivre Card.
23. How many times bigger is Oars than a regular giant?
Answer: he is four times bigger than a normal giant.
24. Out of the Baroque Works pairings, whose partner was mentioned, but never seen?
Answer: Miss Thursday, Mr. 11's partner.
25. True or false; Mr. 3 took out Brogy the giant with explosives?
Answer: False, it was Dorry he took out.
26. Which filler arc was based on a popular One Piece game?
Answer: Ocean's Dream arc was based on the game of the same name; its sequel was Dragon's dream.
27. What sound did the Skypieans hear when the Shandia were sent into the sky via the Knock Up Stream?
Answer: The sound of the Shandorian bell ringing out.
28. How many CP9 agents went under cover at the Galley-La Company? Bonus: who was the only member who went undercover but did not join the Galley-La Company?
Answer: 3 (Rob Lucci, Kalifa and Kaku). Bonus: Blueno, who went undercover as a local bar owner.
29. What is Chopper commonly mistaken for and what form led to this mistake?
Answer: His brain point often leads him to be mistaken for a tanuki, or raccoon.
30. What town had been mentioned to have been taken by the Revolutionaries soon after the release of the Straw Hats bounties?
Answer: Centaurea, located in the South Blue.
31. What are all of the Kuja tribe named after?
Answer: They are all named after flowers.
32. How many forms are there to master in Rokushiki? Bonus question: What move can you use after mastering all the techniques?
Answer: 6 (Kami-e, Geppo, Rankyaku, Shigan, Soru, Tekkai). Bonus answer: Rokougan
33. When Emporio Ivankov healed Luffy, how many years of his life did he say he would lose?
Answer: He said Luffy would lose 10 years of his life.
34. How much money did Saint Charloss offer to buy Camie?
Answer: 500.000.000 Berries.
35. Who is the most wanted man in the world?
Monkey D. Dragon.
36. True or false; Lola's zombie was a warthog?
Answer: True.
37. How many years ago before the start of the current storyline was the destruction of Ohara island?
Answer; 22 years.
38. True or false; Elder Nyon was banished from her homeland of Amazon Lily because she fell ill with Love Sickness?
Answer: False, she was banished because she left her homeland. However she did leave because she fell in love with a man as a result of contracting love sickness.
39. What mythological animal does Pierre in his hybrid form resemble?
Answer: Pegasus.
40. Who was the second Warlord of the Sea to have his/her name mentioned?
Answer: Jinbe.
41. What does the name "Kuja" mean?
Answer: Nine snakes.
42. What do the following characters have in common; Zoro, Laffitte, Shiryu, the CP9 agents, X Drake and Gasparde?
Answer: They all are characters who once fought or helped deal with pirates only to later become criminals (mostly pirates) themselves.
43. What does Nami's tattoo represent, and to whom is it an homage? Bonus: What did it replace?
Answer: It represents a mikan and a pinwheel, an homage to Bell-mère and Genzo, respectively. Bonus; Arlong's jolly roger.
44. Who was the only Straw Hat to battle three of Enel's priests?
Answer: Chopper; he battled Shura, Gedatsu, and Ohm.
45. In the Boss Luffy episode "The Mochimaki Race to the Castle", which three characters does Zoro accidently break in on? Which character chases him out of the house?
Answer: He breaks in on Terracotta, Amazon, and Negikuma Maria. Miss Monday chases him out.
46. Which Baroque Works agent had a frog theme?
47. What was the name of the travelling salesman who gave Nami paper for her world map?
Answer: Rice Rice.
48. Why did Mont Blanc Noland chop down the sacred ancestral trees on Shandora?
Answer: They were the source of the plague that was killing the Shandia.
49. What anachronistic blunder was made concerning Zoro in the Warship Island anime filler arc?
Answer: He was depicted cutting through steel chains with his sword. In the manga canon, Zoro was not to have discovered the technique to cut through steel until he battled Mr. 1 in the Arabasta arc.
50. Who was the first Zoan Devil Fruit user to appear in the manga/anime series? The first Logia Devil Fruit user?
Answer: Dalton was the first Zoan user to appear (shortly before Chopper). Smoker was the first Logia user to appear.
51. True or False. Jaguar D. Saul was born in Elbaf?
Answer: False. Although he was a giant and a former Vice Admiral of the Marines, Saul denounced the Elbaf giants for being too warlike.
52. Who of the Eleven Supernovas was the only one with a higher bounty than Luffy? What merited such a high bounty?
Answer: Eustass Kid. He gained this bounty because he attacked a great number of defenseless civilians during his journey through the Grand Line.
53. Who was the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates to be seen in the anime?
Answer: Nami. She appeared in the first episode on a passenger ship while Luffy was still in a barrel.
54. Against which opponent did Luffy use Gear Second and Gear Third simultaneously?
Answer: Gecko Moria, after he powered up with Shadow's Asgard.
55. Who were the first to witness Luffy in Gear Third?
Answer: Chimney and Gonbe.
56. What was Ace's goal in life?
Answer: To answer his lifelong question of if he deserved to be born.
57. Who was the first person Luffy fought with? Bonus: Why was he fighting him/her?
Answer: Higuma the mountain bandit. Bonus: He insulted Shanks.
58. In Sanji's first bounty poster, how come the picture is drawn?
Answer: Because when the photographer, Attach, took the picture, the lens cap was left on, resulting in a totally black photo.
59. When are the only two times Zoro is seen crying? Bonus, what do these events have in common?
Answer: He is seen crying when Kuina beats him for the 2001st time and when he is defeated by Mihawk. The common occurance is him being defeated and making a promise to his opponent.
60. How come Nami's picture on her bounty poster is so inappropriate, and who claims it is so?
Answer: Nami thought that she was doing a picture spread for a newspaper reporter in Water 7, and Genzo says it is inappropriate.
61. What food is Monkey D. Garp extremely fond of?
Answer: He is fond of doughnuts.
62. Say at least four of Chopper's forms.
Answer: Arm Point, Brain Point, Guard Point, Heavy Point, Horn Point, Jumping Point, Kung Fu Point, Monster Point, and Walk Point.
63. Why does Rob Lucci kick Nero off the water train? Bonus, what does Rob Lucci yell to Nero as he is flying off?
Answer: He tried to kill Franky which annoyed Lucci enough to kick him off. Bonus: "You have to master all six forms before you can call yourself a superman, brat".
64. Which seat of the Donquixote Pirates was intended to be Law's?
Answer: The heart seat.
65. True or false; Luffy defeats his impostor, Demaro Black in Sabaody Archipelago.
Answer: False. Sentomaru hits him with an axe in the head.
66. Who gave Shanks the scar on his eye?
Answer: Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard).
67. How many "hells" exist in Impel Down?
Answer: Six.
68. What is the difference between the canon Logia Devil Fruits and the non-canon Logia Devil Fruits?
Answer: The 3 non-canon Logia Devil fruits do not show destructive properties, like the Pasa Pasa no Mi, unlike the canon Logia Devil Fruits, like the Suna Suna no Mi.
69. What Baroque Works Agents have the same fighting style?
Answer: Mr. 4 and Mr. 9 both fight using baseball bats.
70. Which adult person nearby one of the Straw Hats was killed with a bullet right through the chest?
Answer: Bell-mère- the loved one of Nami.
71. Which one of the Straw Hats doesn't have a known impostor? Why?
Answer: Brook, that is because the Impostor Straw Hat Pirates didn't know his connection with the real Straw Hats as he had joined recently, only those personally familiar with the Straw Hats would likely know Brook's connection to the crew.
72. Who does Yasopp defeat in a duel that later beats Usopp?
73. Are there any Supernovas not born in one of the four Blues? Who?
Answer: Yes. Scratchmen Apoo, born in the Grand Line and Urouge, born on a Sky Island.
74. How old is Monkey D. Luffy (before the timeskip)?
Answer: 17.
75. Who among Hatchan, Kaku, Onigumo and Zoro, uses most swords?
Answer: Onigumo, who uses eight swords.
76. What was the name of the old man who gave Sanji salt left over from Aqua Laguna in Water 7?
Answer: His name was Banban.
77. What was the name of Brook's former crew?
Answer: The Rumbar Pirates.
78. For which Devil Fruit did Blackbeard kill Thatch?
Answer: The Yami Yami no Mi.
79. What was the shape of Jaya Island before the Knock Up Stream divided it in two pieces?
Answer: It had a skull form.
80. What or who was the first Sea King and/or first sea monster to be featured in the series?
Answer: The Lord of the Coast.
81. What was the prize of the tournament organized by Doflamingo in Dressrosa's colosseum?
Answer: The Mera Mera no Mi.
82. Who among the eleven supernovas has become a Warlord of the Sea?
Answer: Trafalgar Law.
83. What are the names of the Yeti Cool Brothers?
Answer: Rock and Scotch.
84. According to Pell how many Devil Fruits allow to fly?
Answer: Five.
85. How old was Portgas D. Ace when he first met Luffy?
Answer: Ten.
86. What happens when if someone eats a second Devil Fruit?
Answer: They die.
87. What are the names of Senor Pink's deceased wife and son?
Answer: Their names are Russian and Gimlet respectively.
88. Which members of the revolutionary army appear in Dressrosa during the events of the Dressrosa arc?
Answer: Sabo, Hack, Karasu, and Koala.
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