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Hello! Welcome to the Reference Pirates! We are a team of the One Piece Wiki who deals with the references.
80px-5398287.png Pirate of the Month!

Pirate of the Month of March is Xil! Congratulations!


  • Referencing the pages.
  • Making sure the references are correct.
  • Keeping an eye out for confirmations made on forums/talk pages to be referenced on the page itself.
  • Changing the ref tags for the template Qref.
  • Keeping an eye on the updating of the new chapters and episodes to reference them if they were not done by the updater.
Our Rules

Read our rules for information how to reference and why. Having text in a reference is highly preferred, but if you just can not give it a name, you can leave it open. Here is a page example. Also, when the lines get over 10 (that's mostly when there are 10 references, but it could be less) , a scroll box is to be used in the References section: {{references}}. Also, the maximum amount of jobs you can take is 3. When you see something that should be referenced, please put the {{Confirm}} template after the sentence. That way we'll be able to keep track of the references that are still needed.

Team Structure

These are the set power positions of the Reference Pirates. Naturally, the higher ranks possess the same rights and obligations as the ranks lower.


  • Can look over a marked "done" page and put it into the completed page section.
  • Can add new jobs.
  • Can put new rules and features into the team.
  • Can excommunicate inactive members.
  • Can give members certain positions.

First Mate:

  • Can add new jobs and their bounties, can also change the bounties.
  • Has the veto-right to everything related to the team.
  • Can mark inactive users as inactive to the captain.


  • Can claim jobs and mark them as done.
  • Can complain about stuff to the Captain >_>

Referencing is a bit of alot work, but trust me, it is fun ^^. So join the team!


Lost statements

This is a list of statements none of our crew members could find in the series. So if you manage to find one of these statement coincidentally in the series, please let us know!

  1. Yasopp left Usopp and his mother because she insisted.
  2. Nami had sewn a string to Luffy's straw hat so it doesn't fall off. (likely around or in Alabasta arc)
  3. Kureha got that old because of her drinking.
  4. Roger gave Whitebeard one of the scars on his chest.
Crew missions

This is the list of crew missions the crew members can take. They will be rewarded with Bellies. The harder the mission, the more Bellies. The Pirate with the most Bellies at the end of the month becomes Pirate of the Month!

Our current project is the Whiskey Peak Arc. The captain or the first mate will add new jobs when the old ones are completed. Keep in mind that the pages put as a mission only need to be referenced in the text referring to the Whiskey Peak Arc. For example, you don't have to reference text that refers to the Alabasta Arc.

Other missions

Besides our normal missions, we also have missions where we referencing pages outside of an arc. Mainly the pages here. One of the crew's main goal will be slowly getting rid of these pages. Crew members can pick whichever page they want to do and add them below. The captain or first mate will then add the bounties accompanying the missions.

  • Mission 1 Beli<Bounty> - Sig
  • Mission 2 Beli<Bounty> - Sig
  • Mission 3 Beli<Bounty> - Sig

Another list that needs to be getting rid of is this one. For each citation you get Beli1,000,000. Crew members are free to choose which page they want to do.

  • Mission 1 <amount of citations> citations BeliX,000,000 - Sig
  • Mission 2 <amount of citations> citations BeliX,000,000 - Sig
  • Mission 3 <amount of citations> citations BeliX,000,000 - Sig

If a crew member referenced a page outside of the jobs available, he will be able to note them in this section. The captain/first mate can then add the accompanying bounty as a reward.

  • ...
Completed jobs

These are the jobs completed by this crew this month. Only the captain and first mate may move completed jobs to this section.

Reference Pirates
120px-5006572.png AuroraOfDeath 120px-5398287.png Xilinoc

December 22, 2012
Aurora[1] | Yes?

First Mate

Somewhere in 2015 >_>
Xilinoc (talk)

120px-5869646.png Awaikage Picture Name
March 19, 2015
Awaikage Talk
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Sign up!Edit

Add your sig to sign up!

  1. Awaikage Talk 21:07, March 19, 2015 (UTC)
  2. Baron Bones Brook (talk) 14:09, March 19, 2017 (UTC)
  3. Dot4447 (talk) 18:31, July 7, 2018 (UTC)

Bounty Board

Pirate March April May June July August
AoD 5,000,000 Beli
Xil 156,000,000 Beli
Kage 16,000,000 Beli
0 Beli
0 Beli
0 Beli
0 Beli

Pirate of the Month



Do you have any questions about referencing? Or do you have requests for our team? Let us know in our talk page!

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