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What is Speculation?Edit

A prediction of what will happen in a series, usually made by a fan of the series.

Does Speculation have a place on wikia?Edit

No. It should be avoided at all costs. Wikia is a site for facts, and speculation is usually just a fanfiction. Common forum speculation often are written on our Mythbusters page as a user guide on what has been common speculated.

How do I spot Speculation?Edit

The most obvious way is someone opening with the words 'It is speculated...' in their statements. Less noticeable ones may have the words, 'It is unknown why...' and then the speculation written. Be careful with this as it is easy to fall into a trap. For example, writing something such as "It is unknown why Ace has a different surname to Luffy" was once considered not speculation and therefore was allowed. However, adding, "This may be because they are only half-brothers" made the statement speculation as it has not been proven whether they are or not (which in this case has been proven incorrect). This example in particular is a very good one to consider; theories are soon out dated when the storyline provides the explanation for or against the speculation, such as why Ace has a different surname to Luffy.

There is also nothing to stop someone pointing out the obvious - like stating that, so far, all the Ds (in the Will of D.) have things in common. Sometimes these statements may end up sounding like speculation, when they are not. This is another instance where things seem like speculation, but are not.

Speculation can be Dangerous!Edit

As with Spoilers, speculation can be dangerous. Whether on purpose or accidentally, they can mislead a reader or give the wrong idea. There are some fans who may unknowingly regard them as fact; this has led to many myths amongst the English-speaking fandom.

If you have speculation you want to discuss, there are many forums out there where you can freely discuss ideas and speculations, and get feedback. It is advisable to avoid writing them here.

I'm still not sure on Speculation...Edit

Remember, don't be afraid to ask!

Discussing the statement on the Talk page of the given article is usually the best way of writing out something if you are unsure about it. Other editors can provide advice on if it should be added, or help you rewrite it to fit in the page.

You will gain more respect from other editors and avoid embarrassment if you are prepared to talk about how to approach a topic rather then just writing it out.

Alternatively, if you are unsure about writing a statement on a page, you can just not write it at all.

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