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Speculations are fan predictions about what will happen later on in the series, or guesses as to the details about characters and events that have not been confirmed by the story. The One Piece fan community is no exception to sharing speculation.

Speculation and the Wiki[edit source]

Speculation does not belong on this wiki, as our purpose is to document the facts about the One Piece franchise. If there is an unanswered question about a story element, we will not try to guess the answer; we will simply wait until an official source comes along to answer it. Trying to give our best guess at an answer, even if we have plenty of evidence to back it up, may result in us being wrong and having to correct the information; if someone reads speculation on here and then does not read the official source debunking the speculation, they will be misled.

Generally, the only time an unconfirmed fact can be added to the wiki is if all evidence points to it being indisputably true. For example, we do not necessarily need to wait for a character to be officially labeled as human if they have human traits and lack the traits of other races, and we can label a Devil Fruit as Paramecia if it clearly does not have the traits of a Zoan or Logia. In this scenario, please be open to the opinions of other wiki editors, as they may bring up something you didn't think of that indicates that a fact may not necessarily be true. Even if you think there is overwhelming evidence that a fact is correct, Oda is known for his twists and may end up doing something with the subject that fans do not expect at all.

Additionally, popular fan speculations should not be included on articles, even if they are just framed as speculations. Even if every single One Piece fan in existence believed that the One Piece is a straw hat, we would not note that on its article, because that is not a fact. We document all popular fan speculations, and the facts or lack thereof surrounding them, on the Mythbusters/Speculations page. If you hear a fan make a claim and you aren't sure if it's true or not, check that page before adding it to the wiki as a fact.

Ultimately, just make sure you take care to make sure that a fact comes from an official statement, or indisputable evidence, before adding it on the wiki, and cite the source that you got the fact from. Questionable claims should be left open for Oda to answer.

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