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This is a page for the Growth Spurters stub fixing team.

What We DoEdit

We edit stubs to make them... well, not stubs. Talk about mission objectives and what we plan on doing about ALL THESE GOSH DERN STUBS!

For example, Blenheim was a stub because it did not have a personality section. All you have to do is write something about his personality, in this case "Blenheim seems to be loyal to the Whitebeard Pirates and Whitebeard, as he risked his life to save Ace during the war at Marineford." is what I put.

Some articles are stubs, because they do not have certain sections. Take Terry for example. He did not have a Abilities and Powers Page. Of course Terry hasn't been shown in a fight, therefore the whole section can be removed along with the stub.

Of course they don't NEED to have been in a fight to have the abilities and powers, they just need to have an ability (Doctors have good medical skill, cooks have good culinary skill, etc.)

But that's besides the point.

If you join the stub Fixing Team, you will be editing articles and giving them more information, making them no longer stubs. DOWN WITH STUBS!

What you need to join this teamEdit

You'll need to be able to write in detail (Appearance sections). You also will probably need access/knowledge of fillers, since most character stubs or other stubs are from fillers. We don't edit chapter stubs or episode stubs, so don't worry about that.


  • Mission 1- If anyone owns any of the games in the game stubs category or can possibly add more information on a game, do so. Unfortunately there is no layout page for games.
  • Mission 2 - Character stubs are probably some the easiest pages to fill out, because there are many good examples to base your work off of. The character page layout is here.
  • Mision 3 - If there's anything you can add to a song in the music stubs category then please do so. Unfortunately, there is also no layout for song pages. Adding where and when they are used, Japanese and English lyrics, and a gallery (when necessary) would all help fill out the pages.
  • Mission 4- If anyone owns any of the merchandise in the merchandise stubs category, please add information on it. You can also pull information from outside sources as long as you add the appropriate references. Unfortunately there is no merchandise layout.
  • Mission 5- Locations stubs are another easy kind of page to fill in information for because of the accessibility of information. There is also no layout for locations, but a good reference is Drum Island. Filling in information about significant places within a location, residents, wildlife, and geography would be optimal.
  • Mission 6 - Chapter stubs, while more tedious to fill in, are fairly straight-forward. Everything can be filled in by just reading and reviewing the individual chapters. The chapter page layout is here.
  • Mission 7 - Probably the most painful and time-consuming of all pages, episode stubs require someone to watch and write detailed descriptions for individual episodes. The episode page layout is here.
  • Additional Work - If any new Ship stubs are added, they can be easily taken care of. The ship page layout is here.


If you are a member of this team, you can choose to assign yourself to filling out specific. You can sign your name below to claim pages. Because of the large number of chapter and episode stubs, the assignment of those jobs will not be documented here. Once a job is completed, it can be checked by the team leader and moved to the completed jobs list.

Ongoing JobsEdit

Game Stubs

Character Stubs

Music Stubs

Merchandise Stubs

Location Stubs


Completed JobsEdit

Completed Jobs


Growth Spurters Stub Fixing Team
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Members sign upEdit

If you think you've got what it takes, sign up here!

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