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Welcome to the Updating Crew! This is a group made to lengthen chapter summaries, episode summaries, and history sections. The leader of this crew is Kaido King of the Beasts.

Responsibilities[edit source]

  • Writing long and short summaries for new chapters and episodes.
  • Updating the characters and other articles' with the newest information.
  • Expanding history sections on articles, and rewriting bad ones.
  • Making sure everything is updated with the newest and accurate information after the release of a chapter and episode.
  • Making sure the new information is properly referenced.

Page Formats

If you are a member of this team, try to check up on this page a few times a week or so in case there is any new information. Put a message in the talk page if you wish to discuss aspects of the team.

For further information on teams, visit the forum about the subject.

Members[edit source]

Donquixote Pirates Updating Crew
Kaido King of the Beasts
Top Executives
150px-5006572.png.jpg 150px-2109035.png.jpg 150px-5398287.png.jpg
AuroraOfDeath aka Corazon
Heart Seat
Fintin aka Trebol
Club Seat
Xilinoc aka Pica
Spade Seat

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