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Welcome to the Updating Crew! This is a group made to lengthen chapter summaries, episode summaries, and history sections. The leader of this crew is Kaido King of the Beasts.


  • Writing long and short summaries for new chapters and episodes.
  • Updating the characters and other articles' with the newest information.
  • Expanding history sections on articles, and rewriting bad ones.
  • Making sure everything is updated with the newest and accurate information after the release of a chapter and episode.
  • Making sure the new information is properly referenced.

Page Formats

If you are a member of this team, try to check up on this page a few times a week or so in case there is any new information. Put a message in the talk page if you wish to discuss aspects of the team.

For further information on teams, visit the forum about the subject.


Donquixote Pirates Updating Crew
Kaido King of the Beasts
Top Executives
150px-5006572.png.jpg 150px-2109035.png.jpg 150px-5398287.png.jpg
AuroraOfDeath aka Corazon
Heart Seat
Fintin aka Trebol
Club Seat
Xilinoc aka Pica
Spade Seat

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