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The heading of the page will contain the volume number and title.

Volume Box

This section will contain information related to the volume, such as its release year and volume name. Please reference. Include alternate inside cover when applicable.

Further information: Template:Volume Box

Cover and Volume Illustration

Description of the colored cover.

Description of the front cover.

Description of the cover spine. 

Volume illustration image and description (located on page 3).

Author's Notes

Provide a translation of the notes by Eiichiro Oda, located on the cover flap of each volume.

Further information: Author's Notes


A list of the chapters included in the volume, along with a very brief summary of each.

SBS Notes

Link to main article.

Number of SBS Headers drawn by fans featured for the volume if applicable. Brief bullets with key points of the Volume's SBS

Usopp Gallery Pirates

  • Page numbers
  • Number of featured works
  • Grand Prize winner

for the volume's Usopp Gallery Pirates segment. Images optional.

Further information: Usopp Gallery Pirates

Volume Extras


Anything else included in the volume that does not fall under the category of SBS or UGP can go here when applicable. If they are titled segments, the section can be titled that instead of "Volume Extras".

Volume Changes


A detailed list of changes made to volume version from the original magazine chapters.



Trivia for the volume, such as easter egg locations and other miscellaneous information.

External Links


Sites of relevance to this page.


Contains the Code <references/>. Any information reference in the article appears here.

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