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This is the main page for all of the Wiki Crews.

About CrewsEdit

Crews are projects that consists a group of users dedicated to gather and assisting articles circled around a single concept or topic.


  • Grammar Crew: Dedicated to making sure all articles have correct and proper spelling, grammar and punctuation in the English language. INACTIVE
  • Reference Crew: Dedicated to making sure all information on articles are accurate and that all information is properly referenced. INACTIVE
  • Updating Crew: Dedicated to the completion, updating and maintaining summaries of chapter and episode articles. INACTIVE
  • Stub Fixing Crew: Dedicated to adding information to small and inadequate articles and expanding them. INACTIVE
  • Design Crew: Dedicated to making templates, code heavy edits, and anything pertaining to the wiki more functional and appealing. INACTIVE
  • Image Crew: Dedicated to assuring all images on the site are of high quality, have proper categories, licensing, sources, etc. INACTIVE

Crew LeadersEdit