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ワンピース ゆらゆら海賊船コレクション

One Piece Wobbling Pirate Ship Collection is a series of wobbling figures produced by Megahouse, pertaining to the more global Yura Kore label.

Shops can also design the series as Yura Yura Pirate Ship Collection, without translating the Japanese term yura to wobbling, or can even extend the name to Yura Yura Core Wobbling Pirate Ship Collection. Here, "Yura Core" is probably a mistranscription of Yura Kore, meaning Wobble Collection, by changing the K of Kore to a C. Finally, the series can also be found as One Piece Swinging Pirate Ship Collection.

Yura is actually the onomatopoeia effect in Japanese to suggest the sound made by an object wobbling on a surface.

Set 1

This set is composed of 5 boats, each coming with a clear blue stand.

Size: about 6 cm long and tall.
Price: ¥504 (¥480 + 5% tax).
Release date: mid-July 2010.

Set 2

The second set is composed of 6 boats, with the returning regular Marine ship.

Size: about 6 cm long and tall.
Price: ¥504 (¥480 + 5% tax).
Release date: late December 2010.

One Piece Wobbling Pirate Ship Collection Marine Battleship.png
Marine ship
Red Force - early chapters version

Rodeo Crowns Premium Novelty Campaign

A limited black and white set edition of Going Merry and Thousand Sunny could be won during a campaign for the apparel trademark Rodeo Crowns. Released December 20, 2010, each set of 2 figures had its unique serial number.


Set 3

This set contains again 6 boats, with the returning Flying Merry from the previous set.

Size: about 6 cm long and tall.
Price: ¥525 (¥500 + 5% tax).
Release date: late September 2011.

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