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One Piece episode A (One Piece episode Aエース Wan Pīsu episōdo Ēsu?) is a manga adaptation of One Piece novel A, illustrated by Boichi and storyboarded by Ryo Ishiyama.[1] The four chapters were released in One Piece Magazine Volumes 10-13.

Short Summary

Chapter 1 - The Formation of the Spade Pirates

Portgas D. Ace and Masked Deuce are stranded on the East Blue island of Sixis together. Masked Deuce thinks that Ace steals all the food, he later regrets his actions and the two become friends. A monstrous bird lives on the island and tries to devour Deuce, but Ace defeats it. During the fight, the bird spits a chest which is later revealed to contain the Mera Mera no Mi. Ace eats the fruit, and he work together with Deuce to build a raft to escape, forming the beginning of the Spade Pirates. On the Moby Dick, Whitebeard is reading a newspaper report about Ace rejecting his offer to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Chapter 2 - The Devil's Child

The Spade Pirates meet Silvers Rayleigh at Sabaody Archipelago. They then move with the Piece of Spadille to Fish-Man Island where they have a fight with Hammond and other fish-men. Upon reaching the New World, Ace's first order is to find Shanks and meet with him. Deuce tries to talk him out of it, fearing Shanks' power, but Ace insists and they find the Red Hair Pirates in a cave on a Winter Island. Ace introduces himself, and Shanks and his crew quickly become friendly when he reveals his association with Monkey D. Luffy. Shanks appears to realize Ace's heritage. Some time later Ace decides to go after Whitebeard in one of the islands in his territory, unaware that Jinbe is following them. Ace and Jinbe fight for five days until both of them collapse from exhaustion, with the Spade Pirates being unable to intervene due to the battle being too high-level. Whitebeard then arrives at the island and attacks the Spade Pirates, Deuce tries to get Ace to escape with them but Ace refuses and creates a flame wall between himself and his crew, due to not wanting them to be harmed by the Emperor. Ace then fights Whitebeard and loses, the Spade Pirates are taken aboard the Moby Dick.

Chapter 3 - That Kind of Pirate

The Spade Pirates had been forgiven after Ace's defeat, and many of them had found positions in the crew to work. After being taken onto the ship of the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace attempts to assassinate Whitebeard but fails. He wakes up in a medical room, where Deuce is working alongside the other nurses. Ace becomes frustrated with the situation of his crew, he doesn't want to fit into a position like they have. Thatch, the head chef of the Whitebeard Pirates, says to Ace that he is promising and begins to give him training tips. Later, Whitebeard Pirates attack an enemy ship and after the battle they rest on Foodvalten island. Here they speak about a rumor started by Thatch that Ace will join the Whitebeard Pirates if he loses to Whitebeard 100 times. Then Ace, Thatch and Teach comment on the Devil Fruits and Teach jokes that it is necessary to kill the bearer to appropriate the power. Ace asks them which Devil Fruit they want to eat, and they both say the Suke Suke no Mi. After some time, Ace and Whitebeard fight their 99th battle and for the first time Whitebeard uses his fruit. That night Thatch is concerned with Whitebeard's deteriorating health, and so he tells him to stop but he refuses. In the end, the day of the 100th duel is decided and takes place on Peak Ode island.

Chapter 4 - Ace's Adventure

Ace fights Whitebeard the 100th time, losing it. During the battle he remembers when he asked to Marco why everyone called Whitebeard "Pops". Marco replied with that Whitebeard called them his "sons". After the fight, on the Moby Dick there is the sake cup ceremony held by Izou. Ace accepts the skull tattoo on his back and tells his crew that they are all Whitebeard Pirates from now on, so they burn the Spade Pirates flag. There is a quick recap of Ace's life, including the meeting with Yamato. At the end, Deuce visits the tombstones of Ace and Whitebeard. Later, Morgans tries to buy from him the manuscript with Ace's adventures but Deuce refuses, he left the book at the grave of his captain and friend.

Long Summary

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Novel and Manga Differences

Chapter 1

  • In the manga, Deuce and Ace find the wreckage of a large ship and use it as material.
  • Deuce does not discover the fact that Ace is Roger's son.
  • The manga adds an encounter with a monstrous bird that lives on the island. The bird tried to devour Deuce, but Ace defeated it. During the fight, the bird spat a chest which is later revealed to contain the Mera Mera no Mi. In the novel, Ace simply found the fruit somewhere on the island.
  • In the novel, Ace comes up with Deuce's pen name after Deuce threatens to use the name 'Ace'. In the manga, Deuce chooses the name himself after agreeing to join Ace.
  • The manga ends with the prologue to the second volume of the novel.

Chapter 2

  • In the manga, the Spade Pirates meet Rayleigh at Sabaody Archipelago and Hammond at Fish-Man Island, in the books they meet vice admiral Draw at Sabaody and Aladine at Fish-Man Island.
  • Isuka does not make an appearance in the manga too.
  • In the manga, Marshall D. Teach stops the escape of the Spade Pirates after the clash between Ace and Whitebeard.
  • In the novel, Masked Deuce realizes that Ace must be Roger's son back at Sixis Island. In the manga he discovers that after they are captured by Whitebeard pirates.
  • In the manga, at the end of the chapter, Ace sees the shape of Roger's face in a cloud, looking down on him.

Chapter 3

  • In the novel, Teach is ordered to keep an eye on Ace alongside Thatch. In the manga, only Thatch starts following Ace's actions and establishes a dialogue of trust with him.
  • In the novel, Whitebeard Pirates attack the crew of pirate Raccoon and Teach has a major role, in the manga they attack an anonymous pirate and more attention is paid to Marco.
  • In the manga, after this battle, Whitebeard Pirates have a conversation at Foodvalten island. In the novel they are in an unspecified port.
  • In the manga, the whole mission at Port Chibaralta against Oliva's family is missing.
  • In the manga, the place of the hundredth fight between Ace and Whitebeard is specified, Peak Ode island.

Chapter 4

  • The big battle of Ace and Whitebeard happens offscreen in the novel.
  • In the manga the sake cup ceremony is held by Izou.
  • In the novel the Spade Pirates burn the Piece of Spadille, in the manga they burn their flag.
  • The novel ends on the previous point, the manga ends with Deuce's visit at the tombstones where he puts the copy of Ace's novel, refusing to sell it to Morgans.
  • In the manga there's a quick recap of Ace's life including his meeting with Yamato.


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