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The 4kids dub of One Piece aired in Australia from 2005 to 2008 on Cartoon Network AU. They then received the edited FUNimation dub from episode 144-195 in March 2008. While the One Piece was cancelled after 169 on CN US, CN AU kept broadcasting new epsiodes. In November 2008, episodes 175-195 were completely uncut (calling Enel god, Sanji smoking, swearing, etc.) when they aired on CN AU (with a couple a mistakes such calling Enel "Sky Lord" instead of "God"). This is because FUNimation did not decide to keep editing these episodes after it was cancelled in the US, and CN AU wanted to air the 52 episodes they purchased. Episodes 144-195 aired in repeats serveral times until autumn, 2009, when the show disappeared from the schedule. It is uncertain whether or not more episodes will air on Cartoon Network Australia in the future.

Starting in September 2010, Madman Entertainment began to release uncut DVDs beginning from Episode 1. These are the same as the FUNimation releases in the United States, but instead of being titled as Voyages and divided into seasons they are simply titled as Collections.

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