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Like other East Asian countries, One Piece is popular in China.


Mainland China

ZheJiang people's fine arts publishing house (浙江人民美术出版社) has the rights to the One Piece manga volumes in China since 2007. Tencent (腾讯) has the rights to the One Piece manga in digital format since 2015.

Following Taiwan's official titular, the official title of One Piece is 航海王 (lit. "Sailing King"). The manga volume released period of One Piece in China is not stable due to the censorship system in China.

There're some fandom groups also translate One Piece without offical license which insists titled in 海贼王 (lit. "Pirate King"), mostly these fandom groups called 汉化组 (lit. "Translate to Chinese Group"). Their translated name is also one of the most popular in Chinese fandom. The 海盗王 (lit. "Pirate King") title was existed in some older One Piece unoffical works.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the manga is translated and published by Jonesky Limited (天下出版有限公司). The official title is just One Piece. However, some merchandise books like One Piece Magazine are published by Tong Li Hong Kong Publishing (東立香港出版社).



In China, Internet is popular. iQiyi got their official license and official title is also 航海王.

Like manga, Chinese Fansubs are also popular in China. The title remains as 海贼王.

Cantonese Dub

The Cantonese Dub aired in Hong Kong sometime since 2000 to 2001. Only one season was aired as the reception was poor. The name of the Cantonese version is called One Piece.

Mandarin Dub

The Mandarin Dub aired in Mainland China sometime in 2001 to 2003. Only three seasons were aired, but the third season stopped halfway in its airing to make way for another manhua anime that was from China itself. The name of the Chinese version is called 航海王, translated as "Sailing King".

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