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In Finland One Piece has been out in manga form since 2005. It is published by Sangatsu Manga which is a company in Bonnier group. When One Piece manga first came out in Finland, new volumes hit the stores once a month on the last Friday of every month. Later when volumes were closing in on the Japanese releases they started to bring a new volume out six times a year. There has not yet been a One Piece anime out in Finland in any form at the moment.

One Piece is the second best-selling manga in Finland (the first being Dragon Ball, which is also published by Sangatsu Manga), but One Piece is catching up fast with the help of re-releases of the earlier volumes.

One Piece is translated straight from Japanese to Finnish by Antti Valkama, but with earlier episodes he was assisted by Heikki Valkama. Translations are said to be faithful to the original release, and by the request of readers they have decided to keep the original sound effects with translations in Finnish in a small font above them. Also, a number of names have been translated to help the readers understand their meaning more.

Differences in Finnish VersionEdit

  • Devil Fruits are called Pirunmarja‘s (means Devils Berries)
  • Nyaban Brothers Sham and Buchi became Kissalan Pojat, Siam and Laikku (Kissala is Finnish surname, "kissa" means cat, Kissalan pojat is slang term for police in finland, Siam comes from Siamese and Laikku means "blotch").
  • Attack names were changed significantly (Zoro's Great Buddha Cut into Sikarileikkuri (Cigar Cutter)), were slightly changed (such as Zoro's Hawk Wave into Hyökyaalto (Tidal Wave)), translated (Franky's Weapons Left into Ase Vasen) or remained the same (most of the Sanji's attacks, except Anti-Manner Kick Course and Party Table Kick Course).
  • Chew became Pusi (the sound that comes from a kiss).
  • Hatchan became Musti (means ink, an abbreviation of the Finnish word for octopus, mustekala).
  • Okama Kenpo is changed into Hintsukungfu.
  • All of the fighting styles that were called "Kenpo" were changed into "Kung Fu".
  • Okamas are called Homppeli‘s (homosexual in Finnish).
  • Whitebeard, Blackbeard, and Brownbeard became Valkoparta, Mustaparta and Ruskoparta, respectively (literal translations).
  • Franky says Supervoimat instead of hentai (double meaning word that means "super powers", including a joke about Frankys being pervert, Su(pervo)imat, that means pervert).
  • Sogeking became Ampunaamio (a mix of two words, ampuja (shooter) and naamio (mask)).
  • Camie also ends everyone's names with a "-li" instead of "-chin".
  • Saldeath become A. Pina (apina means monkey in Finnish).
  • Akainu speaks East-Finlands brogue.


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