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The Galician dub of One Piece aired on the channel TVG in 2008 for first time. It has minor name changes such as Luffy to Ruffy, and is uncut (just as the Catalan dub).

The translation of the aired episodes is based on the original work translation of the Toei Internacional English Translator and the Japanese Original Version.

In 2008, unfortunately, due to financial issues in Spain, dubbing of anime has been limited, especially for regional dubs such as Galician, and thus, only 52 episodes have been dubbed into the language. In 2012, TVG reaired One Piece in his second channel, tvG2, and dubbed new episodes, having a total of 104 episodes with all the songs dubbed, broadcasting a new episode every week.

Adaptations[edit | edit source]

Dubbing[edit | edit source]

Characters Galician Voice Actors
Monkey D. Ruffy Daniel Lema
Zoro Rorona Ignacio Castaño
Nami Montserrat Davila
Usopp Manuel Pombal
Sanji Gaspar Somoza
Tony Tony Chopper Charo Pena
Nico Robin Teresa Santamaría
Nefertari Vivi Beatriz García
Koby Ana Lemos
Shanks, o rubio Óscar Fernández
Gol D. Roger Antón Cancelas
Capitán Fumeta Alfonso Valiño
Mihawk, Ollos de Falcón Xosé Tanas
Arlong Miguel Pernas
Mr. 3 Matías Brea
Mr. 2 / Bon Clay Antón Rubal
Mr. 1 Óscar Fernández
Mr. 0 / Crocodile Gonzalo Faílde

Openings and Endings[edit | edit source]

The songs are translated and the lyrics are very close to the Japanese version.

Opening 1: [1]

Opening 2: [2]

Ending 1: [3]

Ending 2: [4]

Ending 3: [5]

Ending 4: [6]

Ending 5: [7]

Ending 6: [8]

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