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In Greece, the manga is being distributed in its English translation by Viz Media. The Greek dub of the anime aired on the television station Alter Channel under the name "Ντρέηκ, το Κυνήγι του Θησαυρού" (Drake, the Hunting of the Treasure) and was dubbed by Audio Visual. It first aired in 14 April 2002 but it stopped at Episode 105, during the Alabasta Saga.


The show was broadcasted uncut, but changed many names of characters and locations and had many errors, such as the destination of the Straw Hats being the Red Line instead of Raftel. Also, as in many dubs, the characters' attacks were in Greek.

The show used a Greek adaptation of the first opening "We Are" featuring lyrics that were not related to the Japanese version and a female singer.

In 2003, the ΕΣΡ (Greek Television Council) decided that the events shown on Episode 28 during the fight between Luffy and Don Krieg were highly inappropriate for the minors watching the show. As a result, an order was issued for the show to be cancelled, since it was considered not suitable for children due to the amount of violence and fierce battles it contained. Eventually, the series stopped at Episode 105 during the Alabasta Arc.

Name ChangesEdit


Original Name Changed Name
Monkey D. Luffy Ντρέηκ (Drake)
Roronoa Zoro Μπλακ Τζακ (Blackjack)
Nami Μπόνι (Bonney)
Usopp Γκας (Gus)
Sanji Σάννυ (Sunny)
Tony Tony Chopper Μπίλι (Billy)
Miss All-Sunday / Nico Robin Δεσποινίς Ντόλυ (Miss Dolly)
Koby Ρος (Ross)
Helmeppo Χελμέρο (Helmero)
Gol D. Roger

Χρυσός Ρότζερ (Gold Roger)

Χρυσοδάχτυλος Ρότζερ (Goldfinger Roger)

Chouchou Τουτού (Tutu)
Mohji Θηριοδαμαστής Άγριων Ζώων (Tamer of Wild Animals)
Cabaji Ακροβάτης (Acrobat)
Kaya Σούζι (Suzie)
Tamanegi Τόμι (Tommy)
Kuro Μαύρος Πητ (Black Pete)
Merry Μάριο (Mario)
Patty Τόμι (Tommy)
Don Krieg Δον Σαμ (Don Sam)
Dracule Mihawk Γεράκι (Hawk)
Arlong Ρίτσι (Richie)
Nojiko Νόρα (Nora)
Chew Σίλυ (Silly)
Kuroobi Καρχαρίας (Shark)
Hatchan Χταπόδι (Octopus)
Nezumi Ναύαρχος το Ποντίκι (Admiral Mouse)
Smoker Καπετάν Καπνός (Captain Smoke)
Mr. 9 Χούλιο (Julio)
Brogy Γκρισίνο (Grissino)
Mr. 3 Πράκτορας 3 (Agent 3)
Miss Goldenweek Δεσποινίς Χάιντι (Miss Heidi)

Mr. 0 

Sir Crocodile

Πράκτορας 0 (Agent 0)

Κύριος Κροκόδειλος (Mr. Crocodile)

Mr. 2 Bon Kurei Πράκτορας 2 (Agent 2)
Wapol Πόλυ (Polly)
Portgas D. Ace Έις Φωτιά (Ace Fire)


  • The Grand Line is mainly called Μεγάλη Γραμμή (Big Line).
  • The Gomu Gomu no Mi is changed to Το Φρούτο του Λαστιχένιου Δέντρου (The Fruit of the Rubber Tree). Luffy's attacks are translated in Greek so "Gomu Gomu no Pistol" becomes "Λαστιχένιο Πιστόλι" (Rubber Pistol) and "Gomu Gomu no Rocket" becomes "Λαστιχένια Ρουκέτα" (Rubber Rocket), as examples.
  • The Bara Bara no Mi is called Το Φρούτο του Διαμελισμού (The Fruit of Dismemberment).
  • The Den Den Mushi is simply called Σαλιγκάρι (Snail).
  • The term Shichibukai is changed to Οι Βασιλιάδες των Γενναίων των Επτά Θαλασσών (The Kings of the Brave of the Seven Seas).
  • The Log Pose is called Δρομόμετρο (Log).
    • The Eternal Pose is either called Αιώνιο Δρομόμετρο (Eternal Log) or Σταθερό Δρομόμετρο (Steady Log).
  • The Nyanban Brothers are called Αδέρφια Νάιμπαν (Nayban Brothers).
  • Elbaf is changed to Έραφ (Eraf).

Voice ActingEdit

Characters Voice Actors
Monkey D. Luffy Βούλα Κώστα (Voula Kosta)
Roronoa Zoro Γιάννης Στεφόπουλος (Yannis Stefopoulos)
Nami Σοφία Καψαμπέλη (Sofia Kapsampeli)
Usopp Τηλέμαχος Κρεβάικας (Telemachus Krevaikas)
Sanji Κωνσταντίνος Κακανάς (Konstantinos Kakanas)

Dub and Translation ErrorsEdit

There were some mistakes in the Greek dub that were mainly caused by the changing of many names.

  • The crew does not intend to go to Raftel, but to the Red Line instead. It is described by Koby that the town where Roger hid the treasure is in the middle of the Great Continent Red Line that separates the world's two biggest oceans and that the Grand Line is the only way for someone to go there.
  • Due to the fact that Luffy's name was changed into Drake, his name does not have the characteristic "D." It is not known whether that was done intentionally and there was a plan to rectify it as the series moved on.
  • Nezumi was mistakenly dubbed as Admiral Mouse (Ναύαρχος το Ποντίκι), even though he is a Captain.
  • One Piece, as a term, is never mentioned. The legendary treasure is just simply called as "The biggest treasure in the world" (Ο Μεγαλύτερος Θησαυρός του Κόσμου).
  • The characters Tamanegi and Patty share the same changed name, which is Τόμυ (Tommy).
  • In the Greek dub, the characters' epithets were not frequently mentioned. Buggy was called "Immortal Buggy" (Αθάνατος Μπάγκι).
    • Also, the names of Mohji and Cabaji were not actually stated and instead their epithets functioned as their names, "Tamer of Wild Animals" and "Acrobat".


The first opening "We Are" was adapted into Greek and featured lyrics that were not related to the Japanese version.

Greek OpeningEdit

Greek Lyrics English Translation
Ελάτε σε μια περιπέτεια δυνατή Come along on a big adventure
με τον Ντρεήκ και τους φίλους του μαζί. with Drake and his friends.
Ντρέηκ! Drake!
Θάλασσες και πέλαγα σε πλοίο πειρατικό Oceans and peninsulas in a pirate ship

όλοι θα διασχίσουμε με φίλο τον καιρό.

we're all going to set sail with weather as a friend.
Ο Ντρέηκ ο καπετάνιος μας! Our Captain Drake!
Σημαία Πειρατική! A pirate flag!
Κι ο στόχος μας να φτάσουμε στην Κόκκινη Γραμμή. And our goal to arrive at the Red Line.
Τους κακόυς να νικάμε To beat the bad guys
να νικάμε στη στιγμή, to beat (them) in an instant,
με μυαλό και με δύναμη μαζί. with (our) mind and strength combined.
Καπετάνιε Ντρέηκ! Captain Drake!
Στο κυνήγι του θησαυρού On the hunt for treasure
πάμε τώρα παιδιά! let's go, guys!
Το καράβι πλέει σε άγνωστα νερά. The ship floats on unknown waters.
Μα ο Ντρέηκ δεν φοβάται. But Drake isn't afraid.
Είναι τολμηρός! He is bold!
Ντρέηκ! Ντρέηκ! Ντρεήκ! Drake! Drake! Drake!

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