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Love Romance —The Beginning of Love— is the first volume of One Piece in Love, including chapters 1 - 13 and one bonus chapter.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The dust-jacket's cover displays Yamamoto Luffy, Koyama Nami, and Nakatsugawa Usopp sitting on a boat. The author's name is written in purple, with the logo being written in black. The background is pink.

The inside cover shows the three students in a rowboat, with Usopp attempting to find Pandaman and stating that he should be hidden somewhere. Nami correctly states that she doesn't think he's hidden anywhere. The back cover shows Usopp continuing to search, while Nami and Luffy head home.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
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Chapter 1[]

Love Romance -The Beginning of Love-
Yamamoto Luffy is bullied for having the name as the protagonist of One Piece, though he remains friends with Koyama Nami, a girl with the same name as another main character. Nami has a crush on Luffy, and is happy that they get to spend time together because of their unique name situation, but she is interrupted by Nakatsugawa Usopp, who introduces himself as also having the name of a One Piece character. Usopp is a big One Piece fan, and references the series as much as possible, which annoys Nami. Later, Luffy is being bullied by classmates, and Nami and Usopp save him, though Usopp sets fire to the school in the process.

Chapter 2[]

Nami and Luffy go on a date to the zoo, but Luffy invites Usopp because of his fear of animals. Usopp steals a reindeer to become their "Chopper", annoying Nami, but a lion escapes from its cage and approaches them. Usopp pushes Luffy to get over his fear, before throwing an explosive at the lion, knocking it unconscious and helping Luffy become comfortable around animals.

Chapter 3[]

The executive committee of the athletic festival has to come up with a slogan for the event. Nami is a member, and Usopp is a substitute member for the chairman, but he only suggests two options, both of which are One Piece quotes. Another student objects, but becomes quickly hooked to the manga when introduced by Usopp, and agrees to pick one of the slogans. However, Nami is worried about Luffy getting bullied because of his namesake, and quickly gets a Naruto-related slogan to be put in place instead, which causes Luffy to be pitied by the class.

Chapter 4[]

Usopp has started a pirates club, and gotten Nami and Luffy to become members. However, they need five members to continue having the club officialized by the school. Usopp reveals that the zoo allowed him to keep the reindeer Chopper, though it's really a different one, and they therefore only need one more member, though Nami disagrees about the Chopper counting. At Usopp's request, Luffy gets a muscle and skeleton model from the biology labs, which Usopp puts an afro wig on and programs to ask to see people's panties, declaring that they've made Brook, a new member. However, the student council disbands the club.

Chapter 5[]

Cheering Song
The school is practicing a fighting song to sing during the sports festival. Usopp begins monologuing the Opening Narration, though he stopped by the cheerleading squad. He then suggests that the fighting song should be Usopp*Drop, which the cheerleading squad says has lyrics that don't fit what they're looking for. Usopp then suggests 1, 2 Jango!, which the cheerleading squad decides to use if the team gets a double play, confusing Nami. After the practice is over, she tries to go visit the ocean alone with Luffy, but Usopp joins them again.

Chapter 6[]

Nami wants to bake a cake for Luffy's birthday, and she gets help from Yoshioka Sato, her friend in the cooking club. However, Usopp joins her, and ends up recruiting Sato as the Sanji of their group, despite her having never read One Piece.

Chapter 7[]

The members of the pirates club are looking for a new club room, and Morishita Yukie, another student, has a crush on Luffy. She decides to dress up as the Going Merry to join their group, and brings them to the club room used by the tea ceremony club, who have agreed to share the room.

Chapter 8[]

Student Card
Luffy was absent during on picture day, and so needs Nami to take a picture for his student ID. Usopp tries to make the picture resemble Monkey D. Luffy's first wanted poster, but Nami shuts him down, as well as shutting down the other ideas he and Yukie have about for the picture. In the end, it doesn't have the pure white background that they needed, and Usopp offers to edit out the background, though he actually makes Luffy appear as if he is in Gear 4: Boundman.

Chapter 9[]

It is raining outside, and Nami tries to get Luffy to share his umbrella with her. However, Yukie is after the same goal, forcing one of them to go with Luffy and the other to go with Usopp. They discuss for so long that the rain stops, nullifying the argument.

Chapter 10[]

Short One Piece in Love
This chapter contains a collection of shorts, titled Battle of the Monkey and the Crab, Career Interview, I want to tell him, Library, Test Returns, Snacks, Brook, and Sprain, which each being one page.

Chapter 11[]

Life Guidance
Sato Mahiro, the student council president, is threatening the pirate club with suspension due to the various issues Usopp has caused. The group tries to explain their relationship with One Piece, but Mahiro misunderstands it as a hyper-sexualized series, worsening the situation. Luffy is eventually able to convince her otherwise, but she still confiscates Usopp's copy of Volume 23, due to the contents of Chapter 213.

Chapter 12[]

Fireworks Display
The pirate club goes to a festival, and Nami worries that Yukie is trying to separate her and Luffy. However, it's just a misunderstanding, and the group reunites to enjoy themselves, though Usopp gets in trouble for setting off illegal fireworks.

Chapter 13[]

Pearl Diet
Nami wants to lose weight, and Usopp suggests his own "Pearl Diet," which includes dressing up as Pearl in life-size replica armor and swimming laps. Nami tries it, and though she does lose weight, the school ends up on fire due Usopp's insistence on staying as accurate to the source material as possible.

Illustration: Cinderella[]

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