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The One Piece manga release (in Bahasa Melayu) is up to volume 81. The name of the manga is changed to "Budak Getah" (lit. Rubber Boy,) which is a common practice with manga releases in Malaysia. It was released by Kreko and the tankobon edition were published and distributed by Comic House since 2000. Comic House has released in total of 81 volumes with the last being released in 2016 before Comic House went defunct in the same year. Fan might given up on reading Malay-translated manga, preferring to read English translation instead due to more faster-paced and closer to Japanese release, and with the massive popularity of online reading have contributing to Budak Getah's extremely slow release and declining popularity.

One Piece was once aired on ntv7 in 2009, concluded on cliffhanger at episode 27. Before official One Piece home video were released to local market, some of the local fans were forced to use torrenting sites or pirated copies as a method to catching up with recent episodes of One Piece, as the episodes aired here are very outdated by fan standard.

One Piece anime has been dub into Malay language for Astro Ceria channel in 2011 with the airing ended in 2013 after series of reruns. Starting from the very first episode, this dub has, so far, reached and also concluded on cliffhanger at episode 61 (right before Reverse Mountain Arc). The songs and eyecatches are left untouched, but the title card was narated by Luffy himself in Malay, just like in original anime. Also, the name of the anime is left as "One Piece", which could lead to confusion since the manga there has been localized as "Budak Getah".

One interesting thing about dubbed One Piece is that while the anime is being broadcasted to Astro Ceria (which is known cabel channel dedicated for children), most of the mature scenes were left uncut or uncensored (which is not that suprising due how Astro Ceria always overlooked violence and mature themes in some of their airings, such as murder scenes in Detective Conan or naked Shizuka in Doraemon). The translated dialogue itself is generally accurate and stays true to original dialogues. Other than that, no form of unnecessary censorship were edited onto the anime. Another thing to note is that for some reason, right after the opening sequence, there was ten seconds of still random image from the aired episode with the background music from the first eight seconds of full version of "We Are" before transitioned to the actual episode. To this date, there was no trace of One Piece Malay dub available on the internet, nor the manga.

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