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In Russia, the One Piece Manga and Anime rights are owned and distributed through the popular Manga publisher, Comix-ART. While the title of the manga and anime are adapted from "One Piece" to "Большой Куш" (Jackpot). The show premiered in 2012 and is currently airing on 2×2 channel. The DVD releases are planned, but the exact dates are not known yet.


In May 2011, the Manga publisher, Comix-ART purchased the rights to both the Manga and the first 62 episodes of Anime for Russia and surrounding countries such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The first Manga release was on February 13, 2012.

The anime had been aired on 2×2 TV channel with a Russian dub since April 16, 2012. While DVD releases were planned for the future, no tentative dates have currently been set.

The first 61 episodes were aired until the end of summer during 2012, followed by a hiatus. Airing has restarted from May 14, 2013, until the 130th episode on September 6, 2013, followed by a hiatus again.

In 2015, a Comix-ART representative said that 2×2 isn't interested in the acquiring the remaining episodes of the series, so it is unknown if more episodes will be aired. However, new episodes are currently unofficially being dubbed with the dub actors and stuff using the crowdfunding of Russian fans. Since dub is too expensive, instead of full dubbing new episodes will be voice-overed, through songs and credit rolls will be translated. Voice-over is currently being made by KANSAI studio.

Translation issuesEdit


All the anime, including openings and endings, are going to be dubbed into Russian, according to the official representative of Comix-Art. [1][2][3]

All Japanese text is translated and written in Russian.


Most of characters names were left unchanged, but till now, there were few names, those were changed:

  • Nyaban Brothers is translated to "Братья Мяубан" [Brat'ya Myauban] (Since "brat'ya" is Russian for brothers and "myau" is russian version of sound cats make).
  • Buchi's name is translated to "Пёстрыш" [Pestrysh'] (Russian for mottled)
  • Sham's name is translated to "Сиам" [Siam] (Russian for Siamese)
  • Tamanegi's name is translated to "Лук" [Luk] (Russian for onion)
  • Ninjin's name is translated to "Морковка" [Morkovka] (Russian for carrot)
  • Piiman's name is translated to "Перец" [Perets] (Russian for pepper)
  • Chew's name is translated to "Чмок" [Chmok] (Russian version of sound of kissing)
  • Nezumi's name is translated to "Крыса" [Krysa] (Russian for rat)


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