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The simplified Chinese version of One Piece in Singapore is licensed and released by Chuang Yi Publishing. As of April 6, 2010, 57 volumes of One Piece have been released. Typically, new volumes are released in Singapore between one to two months after the volume's release in Japan. To date, Chuang Yi Publishing has already published a few Data books, namely One Piece Red, One Piece Blue and One Piece Yellow. However, they retain their original language in Japanese and is not translated. There has not been any publications of Color Walks to date.


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In 2003, Odex bought the Singaporean license for One Piece. They dubbed a couple of episodes themselves (though this version was tested and disliked so it has never be broadcasted). A second, more well known dub, was produced with the now defunct business, Voiceovers Unlimited.

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