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One Piece is now the most popular manga and anime in Taiwan. In Taiwan, both manga and anime use the Chinese name 「航海王」 ("King of Navigation") (old name: 海賊王,"King of Pirates").

Manga[edit | edit source]

One Piece was first introduced as "海賊王" in 1997 by Da Ran Culture (大然文化) and serialized in a weekly magazine called 熱門少年TOP. However, due to bankruptcy of Da Ran Culture in 2004, manga licence switched to Tong Li Publishing (東立出版社) now, as well as name changed into "航海王". Tong Li Publishing also has a weekly magazine called Taiwan Junior Magazine (寶島少年) in which One Piece continues its serialization. However, some fans do not accept this title change, and would rather call One Piece as 海賊王.

Anime[edit | edit source]

In 1999, MUSE Communication (木棉花國際) firstly published anime DVD. All episodes are uncensored sub. DVD episodes published until Impel Down Arc, special episodes DVD are published until Episode Special 4, and One Piece Movies published until The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle. From Impel Down Arc, MUSE Communication are no longer published any anime DVD, special episodes as well. One Piece Movies DVD however, are licensed and published by other companies later on.

The Taiwanese Dub of One Piece began to air on TTV (台灣電視公司) around 2005. TTV dub on early days is uncensored. However, due to public concern about smoking, TTV contained mosaic on smoking screen in 2009. Taiwanese Dub also aired in Star Chinese Channel (衛視中文台). Taiwanese Dub is usually very close to the Japanese version (usually 5 or so episodes away from the current Japanese episode). All of the movies have been dubbed in Taiwanese as well.

Voice Actors[edit | edit source]

Main voice actors of Taiwanese dub are Joy Chan(詹雅菁), Song Ke Jun(宋克軍), Maggie Hsu(許淑嬪), Clement Fu(符爽), and Sun Chung Tai(孫中台).

Characters TTV Voice Actors
Monkey D. Luffy Joy Chan
Roronoa Zoro Song Ke Jun
Nami Maggie Hsu
Usopp Clement Fu
Sanji Sun Chung Tai
Tony Tony Chopper Joy Chan
Nico Robin Maggie Hsu
Franky Clement Fu
Brook Song Ke Jun
Jinbe Song Ke Jun
Narrator Sun Chung Tai

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