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One Piece Logo from Thailand

The Thai logo from the VCD release.


The manga is released by Siam Inter Comics. Currently, volumes 0 through 60 have been released.


One Piece Thai Anime Censorship

The censoring that occurs in the Thai dub on TV. Zabo had blood on his face and thus, a mosaic was warranted.

One Piece (วันพีซ) began airing on Thai TV sometime in 2002 and suffered great censorship, due to strict Thai BS&P regulations. Instead of cutting out scenes or digitally editing them, they placed a mosaic over all blood, cigarettes and cleavage. However, there are VCDs and DVDs that have been sold in recent years that are completely uncensored.

130 VCDs with 2 episodes each have been released, although this stopped in 2008. DEX, the company holding the video rights to the series in Thailand, is currently rereleasing the episodes on DVD, and episodes 1-120 and 145-160 have been released as of June 2011. Strong World has also received a theatrical and DVD release in Thailand.

In February 2014, the series reached episode 460 on DVD.

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