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One Piece novel Heroines is a novel released in the eighth, ninth, and tenth volumes of the One Piece Magazine. It focuses on the female protagonists of One Piece.

Written by Jun Esaka and illustrated by Sayaka Suwa, Nami stars in the first chapter, followed by Nico Robin in the second chapter, and Nefertari Vivi in the third.

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episode ROBIN
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episode VIVI

Short Summary[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 is titled episode: NAMI - The shoe must go on! Nami goes to Lebno Listchaque to buy new shoes, but after she buys them, they begin to hurt her feet. She returns them, and the designer the store is named after decides to recruit her for his fashion show. His employee, Miucha, does Nami's clothes and shoe fitting, altering Lebno's shoes to be comfortable. Nami suggests that she start making her own shoes after learning that most customers complain about Lebno's shoes, but Miucha declines, as she admires him. At the fashion show that evening, Lebno looks down on Miucha for wearing his brand of shoes, but Nami walks the catwalk in Miucha's shoes instead. After, she thanks Nami for the support and begins making comfortable shoes one her own.

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

Chapter 2 is titled episode: ROBIN - Unscramble egg of the archeologists.

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

Chapter 3 is titled episode: VIVI - The blue rose and the writingale.

Long Summary[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Nami goes to Lebno Listchaque, a famous shoestore, to buy new heels. After trying on the shoes with her crew and hurting her feet, she returns to the store to return the pair. One of the store's employees, Miucha, tells her she cannot return them because it is against the store's policy. The designer, Lebno Listchaque, arrives and makes an exception. He is so struck by Nami's beauty that he recruits her as a model for his runway show and has her fitted for clothes and shoes by Miucha. During the fitting, Miucha's demeanor and appearance remind Nami of her mother, Bell-mère. Nami has trouble finding shoes that do not hurt her feet, and Miucha tries to help adjust some for her. She succeeds at making a comfortable shoe for Nami and, impressed by Miucha's skills, the navigator asks why she is working under someone else, causing Miucha to accidentally snap off the shoe's heel. Nami disagrees with Lebno's policies and suggests that Miucha make her own shoes, arguing that the worst that can happen is that she gets fired. Miucha reveals that she admires Lebno but that she is one of many girls he leads on. Nami thinks she should go off on her own, but Miucha disagrees, fixing the shoes. Miucha has an internal dialogue about how people like Lebno who are raised in a pampered higher class do not recognize the plight of normal people and that there are many out there too, who do not have the luxuries afforded to Nami because of her beauty.

At the venue, a runway is set up to present Lebno's new collection, and the seats are filled with celebrities, editors, buyers, actresses, royalty and artists who are Lebno's regular customers. Miucha is happy to be in the audience—she often works backstage at his fashion shows—and a model, one of Lebbnos' other suitors, is sitting in the front row. She is wearing shoes designed by Lebno. However, Lebno says that his brand is only worth being worn by a handful of women, and Miucha thinks about his rise to fame. The more famous his shoes became, the more distant and judgemental Lebno became. He stopped caring about comfort altogether, forgoing quality for prestige. High buyers did not care about comfort, and Lebno became known around the world. Miucha thought he gave up on pride and chose commercialism, and she thought about her dream to make shoes that did not hurt no matter how much you wear them.

As the show begins, Nami is the first to walk out, but Miucha is shocked to see her wearing a completely different outfit that Lebno thought she would, including light makeup, everyday clothes, and the shoes Miucha designed. The crowd is impressed by Nami's natural beauty and behavior, which are elevated by her comfortable shoes and functional clothes. Miucha tries to get on stage and follow Nami but she stumbles. She realizes that Lebno's uncomfortable shoes had caused her loss of balance and she removes them, leaving the room barefoot to find Nami. Outside the room, Nami explains to Miucha that she will be happier making her own shoes rather than following a famous designer who does not care about her. Miucha appreciates Nami's kindness and falls to her knees, sobbing loudly. She thanks Nami by giving her the keys to Lebno's store. Miucha quit her job under Lebno and begins making her own shoes. An investigation is held after all the jewelry in Lebno's store disappears, but Miucha and Nami keep their mutual secret.

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