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One Piece x Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura: Visit! Real Wano Country Edo Wan Expedition Journal is a collaboration event taking place from July 24 to October 31, 2021 at the cultural theme park Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura.[1]

Mystery-Solving Voice Rally

An original story where participants solve mysteries by relying on the voices of the Straw Hat Pirates. The premise is that the Straw Hat Pirates have arrived in Edo Wan to prepare for the Onigashima raid. Participants will accompany the Straw Hat Pirates to find weapons and comrades hidden in the town. Those who complete the voice rally will be awarded with an illustrated can badge.

Collaboration Attractions

In each of the collaboration attractions, participants will receive an original postcard as a novelty prize.

  • Swordsman Zorojuro's Samurai Experience (剣豪ゾロ十郎の侍体験 Kengō Zorojūrō no Samurai Taiken?): Participants will be instructed in swordfighting from One Sword Style to Three Sword Style by the master of Edo Wan. They will be taught actual combat techniques using three sword replicas.
  • Kunoichi O-Nami's Shuriken Dojo (くの一おナミの手裏剣道場 Kunoichi O-Nami no Shuriken Dōjō?): Participants have the opportunity to throw authentic iron shuriken while being watched by O-Nami.
  • Sniper Usohachi's Archery Range (狙撃手ウソ八の矢場 Sunaipā Usohachi no Yaba?): Participants will get to test their sniping skills using Usohachi's weapon, Kuro Kabuto.
  • Kin'Emon's Transformation Spot 〜Fuku Fuku no Jutsu〜 (錦えもんの変身処 〜フクフクの術〜 Kin'emon no Henshin-dokoro 〜Fuku Fuku no jutsu〜?): At Edo Wonderland's Space-Time Transformation Spot, participants can transform into Chopaemon and run around as a ninja.

Collaboration Merchandise

Original merchandise is available to commemorate the event. The merchandise consists of face towels, drinking cups, acrylic pen stands, a glittering can badge collection and a clear file set.

Collaboration Food

There are collaboration dishes themed after different characters.

  • Luffytaro's Pirate Meat Roll Skewers (Two) (ルフィ太郎の海賊肉巻き串2本 Rufitarō no Kaizoku Niku-maki Kushi Ni-Hon?)
  • Franosuke's Fries (With Cola) (ルフィ太郎の海賊肉巻き串 フラの介のふらい(コーラ付き?, Furanosuke no Furai (Kōra-tsuki))
  • Hone-Kichi's Yomi Goose~ (ホネ吉の黄泉かり~ Honekichi no Yomi Kari~?)
  • Sangoro's Ohako Soba (サン五郎の十八番そば Sangorō no Ohako Soba?)
  • O-Robo's Chilled Violet Tea (おロビの冷やし菫茶 O-Robi no Hiyashi Sumire Cha?)


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