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One Piece 20th x Kyoto: Kyoto Straw Hat Travel Journal 〜Another Wano Country〜 is an event that took place between from October 7 to October 22, 2017 in Kyoto.[1]

City Attractions

Straw Hat Crew Stamp Rally

A map showing the stamps locations.

At eight key locations around Kyoto there were stamp kiosks featuring the Straw Hat members (Robin and Franky shared a location).

  • Sanji's Stamp was located at the Nikenchaya Tea House inside of Yasaka Shrine. The Tea House also had a special Sanji-inspired beverage and two posters of Sanji greeting the customers, one for each gender.
  • Chopper's Stamp was located at Shōgoin Yatsuhashi sweets shop. The shop had special Chopper-inspired Yatsuhashi.
  • Robin and Franky's Stamp was located at Nijō Castle. The location also included an interactive tour with Robin and Franky, using a special Franky-inspired QR scanner.
  • Brook's Stamp was located at Kuramazaki Shrine, which included the Geino Shrine inside. The shrine also sold Brook-inspired charms.

After collecting all of the stamps, one would go to Kyoto City Hall, which was redesigned as a Marine base and featured a wall with the Straw Hats' wanted posters, asking the public to locate the crew. Upon presenting a full set of stamps, one would receive a reward that included a packet of A4-sized wanted posters (the most recent ones) of all the Straw Hats, a card with a QR code on the back leading to a congratulatory message from Eiichiro Oda, and a 10,000 Belly bill. All of the rewards came in a Marine envelope. After the event ended, the images were replaced with Marines saluting and thanking participants for their assistance.[1][2][3]

OP x Kyoto Straw Hats Wanted Posters.png
The Straw Hats wanted posters.
One Piece 20th x Kyoto 10,000 Bellys.png
The prize bill from the stamp rally.

One Piece Art NUE

Main article: One Piece Art NUE

One Piece Art NUE Logo.

One Piece Art NUE was an exhibit held at Daikaku Temple.[1] It consisted of several pieces of ukiyo-e style artwork that told an original story set in Wano Country.[3]

Pop Up Store

A Pop Up store selling One Piece related merchandise.[2][3]

Volume 794

Volume 794 is a special volume that acts as a guide to the event, featuring a map of locations involved with several of the attractions. The number is a reference to the year 794, which was the beginning of the Heian period, named after Kyoto's former name "Heian-kyō."


One Piece 20th x Kyoto Logo.png
The event logo.
One Piece x Kyoto Banner.png
The event banner.
OP x Kyoto City Hall promotion.png
The promotion at Kyoto City Hall.


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