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One Piece x Toriko: The True Food! Devil Fruit!! is the second collaborative work between Eiichiro Oda and Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. It features the Straw Hat Pirates with characters from the manga, Toriko. It was published along with Chapter 619 in the Weekly Shonen Jump.


The plot takes place on Gourmet Island, an island that has various types of food occasionally rain from the sky. It is also inhabited by animals that are typically found in the Gourmet World of the manga Toriko.

Luffy, while enjoying himself on the bounties Gourmet Island provides, meets Toriko and Komatsu who have discovered what appears to be a Devil Fruit. Noting that they wish to know what a Devil Fruit tastes like, Luffy explains to them that Devil Fruits taste awful. Despite this and the associated curse, Toriko nonetheless desires to eat the Devil Fruit.

Komatsu then comes up with the idea that if the Devil Fruit were prepared well then it would worth eating. While Komatsu prepares the Devil Fruit, both Luffy and Toriko go off to hunt for ingredients for a feast in honor of Komatsu's Devil Fruit recipe. Eventually, Komatsu prepares a decent dish out of the Devil Fruit.

With the dish prepared and some ingredients gathered by Luffy and Toriko, they have a feast. Joining in the festivities are the rest of the Straw Hats and some of Toriko's other friends. Within the midst of the partying, Toriko tries the prepared Devil Fruit dish. To his delight, the dish is delicious and the party continues on to the next day.

After the party, Toriko's group and the Straw Hats bid their farewells and go there separate ways with promises to meet again on the island. As they leave, Luffy asks Toriko to invite him when he finds "GOD" just as Toriko wishes him good luck in finding One Piece.

Later, Toriko and Komatsu find out that the so called Devil Fruit they found was in reality just some feces with Devil Fruit-like markings.


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  • Both Toriko and Komatsu were afraid that Toriko would be cursed by the Devil Fruit (if it was real) but actually, the one who would be cursed was Komatsu; who took the first bite.
  • Both Toriko and Brook share the same funimation dub voice actor Ian Sinclair in their own shows.

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