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One Sword Style of the Flower is a swordsmanship style developed by Hyogoro.


One Sword Style of the Flower is a style of single wielding swordsmanship invented by Hyogoro. Little is known about the style, but the only known attack focuses on speed.[1]


  • Dohatsu Kohai (怒髪光拝, Dohatsu Kōhai?, lit. "Infuriated Light Worship"): Hyogoro swings his sword slowly and charges at full speed to slash through multiple enemies while leaving some kind of fire generated by unknown means behind.[1] The name of this attack alludes to Hyogoro's flame-like hair; the word dohatsu (怒髪?) means "infuriated", but the individual kanji meanings are "angry" and "hair". In the VIZ Manga and Funimation adaptations, this is called Flaming Hair of Holy Rage.


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