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Onepi no Mi.

Onepi no Mi is a Gashapon figure series created by Bandai. They were first teased on June 28, 2021 and revealed on September 6, 2021.[1][2] It was featured on the cover of Shonen Jump 2021 Issue 40, and Oda wrote a message to commemorate the reveal.[3] Onepi no Mi will include many One Piece characters, each of which will be released in sets called Naval Battles (海戦 Kaisen?). Figures come inside a Gomu Gomu no Mi-shaped capsule, which can be used as stackable display stands. Each figure costs at ¥400.

First Naval Battle

Released on October 5, 2021.

Onepi no Mi First Naval Battle.png

Monkey D. LuffyNamiTrafalgar D. Water LawEustass KidKozuki OdenYamato

Second Naval Battle

Scheduled to be released January 2022.

Onepi no Mi Second Naval Battle.png

Roronoa ZoroSanjiDonquixote DoflamingoDonquixote RosinanteKillerKaidou

Third Naval Battle

No release date announced.

Onepi no Mi Third Naval Battle.png

Monkey D. LuffyPortgas D. AceSaboMonkey D. GarpGol D. RogerSilvers Rayleigh


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