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onepiece@be.smile is a series of articulated figures, 6-7 cm tall. Their design style is super deformed , i.e. with a head to body ratio of 1/3, and they're produced by Bandai. The specific points that pull this series apart from the others are that all characters are smiling quite happily and can have 2 poses: standing or sitting.

The series name is following a pattern that would let people think it's an email address out of context. It's always brought together with the following subtitle: The characters are always with a "smile.".


Release date: late January 2012 Price: ¥368 per figure (VAT included)



Beams released a limited black & white set, named Kizuna (written as 絆 in kanji, meaning bonds). It was available, at the same time as the release date of the 1st volume, throughout Japan in Beams physical shops for a total issue of 1,000 units.

This set is simply composed of Ace and Luffy after the models already used for volume 1.

Release date: January 23rd, 2012 Price: ¥945 per set (VAT included)


Release date: mid-April 2012 Price: ¥368 per figure (VAT included)

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