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Onigashima[3] is a New World island and a region of Wano Country, which serves as the official base of operations for the Beasts Pirates, including the Yonko Kaido, the All-Stars, and the Numbers.[1][4]

Onigashima used to be nameless until the Beasts Pirates settled in over 25 years ago.[5]

Layout and LocationsEdit

Onigashima Diagram

General layout of the island

Onigashima is a mountainous island that is very difficult to access outside the front gate, which connects directly to the sea, allowing ships to sail in. The waters surrounding the island are apparently lined with whirlpools that make navigating around it nearly impossible unless one utilizes specialized watercraft like a submarine.[6] Thunderstorms are very frequent and even blizzards can sometimes happen.[7]

The island itself has a port where ships can dock. Notable structures in this port include a gigantic katana piercing the ground, water spouters that resemble oni faces, an enormous wagasa decorated with paper lanterns. The entrance to the port is lined with two statues depicting kitsune and a stairwell appears to connect the port to the interior of the Skull Dome in the center. There is also at least one lookout station for those who are in guard duty.

Onigashima has two roads that can be used to bypass the island from around the Skull Dome: one to the east and another to the south. The eastern path has a large lake lined with wisteria trees where a brothel and boardwalk system are built upon.


The torii is a small fortress located at sea, right in front of Onigashima and with an actual, gigantic torii gate towering over it. It is heavily armed and serves as the first line of defense of the Beasts Pirates, having a number of the crew's soldiers stationed there.

Skull DomeEdit

Big Mom's and Kaido's Haki Clash

The Skull Dome from a distance.

The most notable landmark of Onigashima is the Skull Dome (ドクロドーム Dokurodōmu?),[8] a large rock formation resembling a skull with horns that faces south-east.[9] This mountain is easily visible from a great distance.

Kaido's CastleEdit

Kaido resides in a giant mansion inside the Skull Dome. Its interior resembles very much a traditional Japanese castle, with sliding doors, paper lanterns and bonsai tree arrangements. Inside the mansion is a cell which was once occupied by Eustass Kid.[10] There's also a room Kaido uses for meetings with his subordinates.[11]

The mansion appears to occupy a considerable portion of said skull's interior, being large enough to house the abnormally large top-ranking members of the Beasts Pirates. Still, the place is not optimal for fights. During Luffy's fight against Page One and Ulti, a lower-ranked Beasts Pirates member showed concern about the castle suffering structural damage due to the Devil Fruit ability of their superiors, who can transform into large creatures .

Kaido Castle Rear Entrance

The castle's rear entrances.

According to the blueprints Kin'emon acquired from Ashura Doji, the mansion has a rear entrance accessible only from the back of the Skull Dome. There are in fact two entrances, one in an upper level and another in a lower one to its left. Each entrance is represented with a torii of its own.

In order to access the building from the front, it's necessary to cross the Live Stage.[12]

Live StageEdit

Golden Kagura

The Live Stage during the Golden Kagura.

The Live Stage (?)[8] is where the Golden Kagura celebration takes place. It is located right in front of Kaido's Castle.

It is an enormous banquet hall that can house most of Kaido's forces, including the gigantic Numbers. It has many multi-level towers and private rooms, with Kurozumi Orochi and his high-ranking subordinates having one of their own. There is also a DJ station set up here, from where Scratchmen Apoo plays music.

The stage itself is found on a balcony that oversees the banquet hall from above. During the Golden Kagura, Queen held his live performances from here.

Woman TroubleEdit

Woman Trouble (女難 Jonan?) is a brothel located to the east of Onigashima. It is owned by Black Maria and appears to be linked to Kaido's castle, being a newly added expansion not found in the original blueprints of his residence. It is built atop a lake and decorated with wisteria shrubs from nearby trees as well as horn-resembling roof protrusions. It directly connects to a long boardwalk that spans from one of the lake's shorelines to the other.[13] During the Golden Kagura, Big Mom stayed here in order to try on a kimono.

According to Big Mom, the building leads into the Live Stage.[14]

Southwestern GateEdit

There is a gate that connects to Kaido's castle somewhere at the southwest of Onigashima. Just like Woman Trouble, this building is a recent addition to Onigashima's geography, thus it doesn't show up in the blueprints for Kaido's castle. Entering this gate and following the path inside eventually allows one to reach the interior of the Skull Dome.



According to Kin'emon, Minatomo built Kaido's residence.[15]

Dressrosa SagaEdit

Dressrosa ArcEdit

X Drake and some other Beasts Pirates were outside Kaido's lair on Onigashima when they received news of Joker's defeat, which they tried shouting out to Kaido, unaware that he had gone to the Ballon Terminal.[1]

Yonko SagaEdit

Zou ArcEdit

Sometime later, Kaido returned to his lair and received a call from Scratchmen Apoo, telling him they lost contact with Jack.[16] Realizing his plans to take back Doflamingo had failed, Kaido drank a lot and suffered from intense mood swings, including a rage that caused him to hit some of his subordinates through the roof of his lair.[10]

Levely ArcEdit

Kaido received a call from Big Mom, who told him she would be coming to his territory to kill Luffy despite his adamant refusal.[17]

Wano Country ArcEdit

Back at Onigashima, Jack was scolded by fellow All-Stars King and Queen because the offerings from the Kuri region had been decreasing lately.[18]

After Queen captured Big Mom and brought her to Onigashima, Kaido and Big Mom met face to face and the two clashed[19] until they decided to form an alliance to conquer the world. Around this time, the Numbers also return alongside Scratchmen Apoo to Onigashima for the Fire Festival.

On the day of the Fire Festival, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance commenced the raid on Onigashima. The Straw Hats reached the torii and defeated all the Beasts Pirates members stationed there.[20]


  • The island shares its name with an island in the Japanese folktale of Momotarō, where the titular hero and his animal retainers went to defeat the residing demons that were troubling people, similar to how the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance plans to take down Kaido, who was oppressing the people of Wano Country.
  • When Onigashima was first depicted in Chapter 793, it appeared to be a winter island and the silhouetted skull-shaped mountain was significantly taller.


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