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Onigashima[3] is a region of Wano Country and a former New World island,[4] which serves as the official base of operations for the Beasts Pirates, including Emperor Kaidou, the All-Stars, and the Numbers.[1][5] The island was given its name upon being settled by the Beasts Pirates over 25 years ago.[6]

As part of the New Onigashima Project, the island was displaced from its spot at sea by Kaidou using his dragon powers, with the intention of moving it to the Flower Capital.

It is the primary location for the third act of the Wano Country Arc.


General layout of the island.

Onigashima is a mountainous island that is very difficult to access outside the front gate, which connects directly to the sea, allowing ships to sail in. The waters surrounding the island are apparently lined with whirlpools that make navigating around it nearly impossible unless one utilizes specialized watercraft like a submarine.[7] Thunderstorms are very frequent and even blizzards can happen, sometimes independent to the rest of the island.[8][9]

Decorations around the main entrance to the Skull Dome

The island itself has a port where ships can dock. Notable structures in this port include a gigantic katana piercing the ground, water spouters that resemble oni faces, and an enormous wagasa decorated with paper lanterns. The entrance to the port is lined with two statues depicting kitsune and a stairwell appears to connect the port to the interior of the Skull Dome in the center. There is also at least one lookout station for those who are in guard duty.

Onigashima has two mountain roads that can be used to circle the island around the Skull Dome: one to the east and another to the south. The eastern path contains a long boardwalk running over a large pond lined with wisteria trees. The boardwalk also leads to sections of pleasure hall in the Left-Brain Tower of the Skull Dome that are built over the water. The southern path is blocked by a large gate built between the mountains. It is possible to enter the Skull Dome Left-Brain Tower via the pleasure hall entrance and the Right-Brain Tower via the southern gate.

Onigashima Eastern Pond.png
The pond on the eastern mountain path.
Onigashima Southern Gate.png
The gate on the southern mountain path.
Eastern Side of Onigashima.png
An aerial view of the eastern side of Onigashima.
Southern Side of Onigashima.png
An aeriel view of the southern side of Onigashima.



The torii sea fortress.

The torii is a small fortress located at sea, right in front of Onigashima and with an actual, gigantic torii gate towering over it. It is heavily armed and serves as the first line of defense of the Beasts Pirates, having a number of the crew's soldiers stationed there.

During the Onigashima raid, it was attacked and neutralized by the Straw Hat Pirates.

Skull Dome

Further information: Skull Dome

The Skull Dome is the main landmark of Onigashima. The castle where Kaidou of the Four Emperors lives is built inside of it.[10]

Sacred Tree

The Sacred Tree (神木 Shinboku?) is a very large tree decorated with a shimenawa located somewhere to the southwest.

Denjiro was able to trick Sasaki and tie him up to this tree as the former's forces infiltrated Kaidou's home through the southwestern gate.[11] Sasaki was eventually freed by Big Mom's Ikoku, which cut the tree down as the shockwave caused by the attack pierced through a large portion of Onigashima.[12]

Sacred Cave

Sacred Cave

The Sacred Cave (天の岩戸 Ama no Iwato?) was where the Beasts Pirates would keep prisoners starved of food until they joined the crew. Once sealed, the only way to communicate was a vent in the ceiling. After showing she can use Haoshoku Haki, Yamato was locked up here with Shimotsuki Ushimaru and two other samurai. Yamato became friends with them after they showed her how to read Kozuki Oden's logbook. The three samurai later cut their way out of the cave, destroying the rock covering the entrance.[13]


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Before Kaidou and the Beasts Pirates took residence in Wano Country, the island was deserted and unnamed.[14]

At a certain point during the past 20 years, Minatomo built Kaidou's residence.[15] The castle took five years to construct.[16]

Three years ago, Ace arrived at the island to confront Kaidou and met Yamato. During the fight, he melted a dragon statue.

Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Arc

X Drake and some other Beasts Pirates were outside Kaidou's lair on Onigashima when they received news of Joker's defeat, which they tried shouting out to Kaidou, unaware that he had gone to the Ballon Terminal.[1]

Four Emperors Saga

Zou Arc

Sometime later, Kaidou returned to his lair and received a call from Scratchmen Apoo, telling him they lost contact with Jack.[17] Realizing his plans to take back Doflamingo had failed, Kaidou drank a lot and suffered from intense mood swings, including a rage that caused him to hit some of his subordinates through the roof of his lair.[18]

Levely Arc

Kaidou received a call from Big Mom, who told him she would be coming to his territory to kill Luffy despite his adamant refusal.[19]

Wano Country Arc

Back at Onigashima, Jack was scolded by fellow All-Stars King and Queen because the offerings from the Kuri region had been decreasing lately.[20]

After Queen captured Big Mom and brought her to Onigashima, Kaidou and Big Mom met face to face and the two clashed[21] until they decided to form an alliance to conquer the world. Around this time, the Numbers also return alongside Scratchmen Apoo to Onigashima for the Fire Festival.

On the day of the Fire Festival, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance commenced the raid on Onigashima. The Straw Hats reached the torii and defeated all the Beasts Pirates members stationed there.[22] Having revealed to be a spy for Orochi, Kanjuro captured Momonosuke after a brief fight with his former comrades and then flew to Onigashima to meet with Kaidou and Orochi. After the rest of the Alliance arrived at Onigashima, they had then split themselves into different smaller groups, approaching different areas and infiltrating Kaidou's castle. After different encounters (including the Nine Red Scabbards fighting the traitor, Kurozumi Kanjuro, and Luffy clashing with two of the Tobiroppo, Page One and Ulti, until he was saved by Yamato), the Nine Red Scabbards and Izou then regrouped.

Bearing twenty years of anger and hatred over their master's death, the Scabbards furiously ambushed Kaidou.

Kaidou would later explain the New Onigashima Project, in which he would transform Wano into a pirate nation, find the Ancient Weapons and the One Piece together with the Big Mom Pirates, and have Yamato become the new shogun of Wano. When Orochi objected, Kaidou immediately decapitated him, ending their alliance. He then asked Orochi's subordinates to either join his crew or die. Without hesitation, they declared their allegiance to Kaidou. As he was about to execute Momonosuke, Kaidou was ambushed by the Nine Red Scabbards. After suffering small injuries, Kaidou decided to fly to the top of the dome, taking the samurais with him. He was then later joined by Jack, Nangi, and some Beasts Pirates members while they were all facing the gathered Mink Tribe forces, preparing to engage in a fierce battle.

In the dome, the Alliance tried to save Momonosuke from his execution. While Shinobu failed to save him, Sanji was able to release Momonosuke from his chains while scuffling with King. Yamato, who previously severed the relationship with Kaidou after discovering he was willing to kill his own child, was then tasked by Luffy to protect Momonosuke. Luffy, however, faced the wrath of Big Mom who wanted revenge on Luffy for ruining the festival, her tea party, and humiliating her in the public. Luffy then declared he wanted to take down Big Mom, Kaidou, and Orochi, effectively declaring war on them. Big Mom then aimed an attack on Luffy, destroying a part of the castle with "Ikoku: Elbaf", but before she could attack once more, she was send out of the castle by both Jinbe and Robin. The Straw Hats then battled some Numbers as well as the Beasts Pirates, when they gathered together in the center of the castle. Luffy then stated he wanted to take down Kaidou and reach the top of the dome, asking his crew to back him up and ensure he reached the top. Luffy would then take down some Numbers, when he was joined by X Drake, who was previously declared an enemy of the Beasts Pirates by Who's-Who, and asked to join the alliance.

Onigashima floating in the air.

As the war raged on, Kaidou used his power to lift the entire island and began moving it to the Flower Capital.[23] During the subsequent fights, Kaidou's control of the Flame Clouds began to weaken, causing the island to crumble and threatening to drop the island, which would detonate the explosives in the Armory.[24] Kozuki Momonosuke, who was unable to generate enough Flame Clouds that could hold the island aloft on their own,[25][26] instead opted to create a single loop on which to pull, slowing the island's movement and safely guiding it toward the ground.[27]

Momonosuke safely lands the island outside of the Flower Capital.

When Kaidou focused his efforts into countering Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun, his Flame Clouds disappeared completely and the island began to plummet. However, in that moment, Momonosuke succeeded in generating enough Flame Clouds to catch the island and brought it safely to the ground on the outskirts of the Flower Capital.[28]


  • In early concept sketches of Franky's "Franosuke" appearance, Onigashima was referred to as "Ryugashima" (龍ヶ島 Ryūgashima?), which translates to "dragon island" instead of "oni island".[29]
  • The island shares its name with an island in the Japanese folktale of Momotarō, where the titular hero and his animal retainers went to defeat the residing demons that were troubling people, similar to how the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance plans to take down Kaidou, who was oppressing the people of Wano Country.
  • When Onigashima was first depicted in Chapter 793, it appeared to be a foggy island and the silhouetted skull-shaped mountain was significantly taller.


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