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For the arc that takes place in this town, see Orange Town Arc.

Orange Town[1] is a 42-year old village where the Straw Hat Pirates visited during the Orange Town Arc. Its mayor is Boodle, who is also one of its founders.[2]

Wrecked by the occupation of the Buggy Pirates, most of the villagers in Orange Town had fled to other parts of the island. However, they returned once Luffy defeated Buggy. Luffy also purposely left a bag from Nami's stash worth Beli.png500,000 to help them rebuild their town.[3][4]

Layout and Locations

Orange Town was built on a patch of wilderness near the sea by townsfolk that had just lost their previous home to a pirate attack. Orange Town itself is a colonial like town with cobblestone street.

Pet Food Shop

The Pet Food Shop is a shop for pet food in Orange Town. Its owner was Hocker. After his death, Chouchou decided to protect it. Mohji and Richie burned the store down.[5]

Two years later, a new pet food shop was opened by Boodle.

Drinker's Pub

Drinker's Pub is a bar located in Orange Town. Buggy and his pirate crew used this bar as their hangout while they were there. It was blown apart when Luffy deflected a Buggy Ball back at the crew.[6]


The Refuge was a place outside Orange Town where some of its citizens had fled to after the Buggy Pirates took over.[3]


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Orange Town was built 42 years ago by a small group of townsfolk who had previously lost their old community to pirates. Led by a young Boodle, the people were slowly able to restructure their lives and establish a new home.[2]

At some point, the Buggy Pirates invaded this town, forcing the citizens to flee to a refugee camp outside Orange Town. Only Chouchou remained out of loyalty for his late master, with Boodle coming into town every now and then to feed him.[7]

East Blue Saga

Orange Town Arc

Nami came to Orange Town in order to loot Buggy's treasure. Having stolen a map of the Grand Line, Nami was chased by some of Buggy's men. She was saved by Luffy, who crashed into town from the sky due to having been caught by a huge bird while sailing nearby (Buggy ordered the bird to be shot down).

In order to infiltrate Buggy's crew and steal from him further, Nami tricked Luffy into becoming her captive and then handed him out to Buggy. This gave the clown pirate an opportunity to test one of his special cannonballs, resulting in the destruction of a large portion of Orange Town. Not wanting Luffy to suffer the same fate as the town, Nami reluctantly joined forces with Luffy and Roronoa Zoro, with the three managing to fire back a Buggy Ball towards the Buggy Pirates themselves and then fleeing the scene right after.

As they attempted to find a hiding place at town and a way to release Luffy from the cage he was put into, the trio happened upon a small dog guarding a little pet shop, as well as the Boodle, the town's mayor who had come to check on Chouchou. Mohji, Buggy's First Mate, managed to track the escaping group down and set the shop on fire as Chouchou attempted to protect it. Having sympathized with Chouchou, Luffy knocked out Mohji and his lion, Richie, and then went out to confront Buggy himself together with Zoro and Nami.

With Mohji defeated, Buggy decided to destroy more of the town, which enraged Boodle and led him to seek Buggy ahead of the others. At the Drinker's Pub, Buggy was ready to blow up Boodle alongside part of the town, but Luffy came in the right time to rescue the mayor. To protect Boodle from doing anything reckless in the upcoming battle, Luffy knocked him out as well.

Zoro fought Cabaji and then Luffy took Buggy on as Nami used the opportunity to rob some treasure from Buggy's hoard, assisting Luffy in the process. Coincidentally after Luffy blasted Buggy away, the refuged townspeople returned to town, ready to fight off the invading pirate force. Mistaking Luffy and his friends for the invaders (due to Luffy's admittance of having knocked out Boodle), they chased the Straw Hats out of town, although Chouchou helped with their escape. Luffy also left some of Nami's loot behind in order to help the townsfolk into rebuilding Orange Town.

Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles

After the Straw Hats left, Mohji and Cabaji were driven off Orange Town by its citizens.[8]

Fish-Man Island Saga

From the Decks of the World

After the timeskip, Chouchou, Boodle, and Poro are seen again during the opening of Chouchou's pet food shop.[9]

Translation and Dub Issues

The town was not formally named during its original appearance in the manga, which introduced Boodle as "(the) port town's mayor" (港町の村長 Minato-chō no sonchō?). As a result, the Viz manga—and later, the 4Kids anime—treated "Port Town" as its name. After "Orange Town" (オレンジの町 Orenji no Machi?) was established by both databook Blue[1] and the manga proper, Viz followed suit.


  • The town's name may be an oblique reference to its introducing Nami, whose background is heavily linked with mikan oranges.


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