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For the arc that takes place in this town, see Orange Town Arc.

Orange Town is a 40 year old village where the Straw Hat Pirates visited during the Orange Town Arc. Wrecked by the occupation of Buggy's Band of Pirates, most of the villagers in Orange Town had fled to other parts of the island. However, they returned once Luffy defeated Buggy and Luffy purposely left a bag from Nami's stash worth Beli.png500,000 to help them rebuild their town. The bar in the town is called Drinker's Pub. It also has a Pet Food Shop.

Notable Places

Pet Food Shop

Pet Food Shop is a shop for pet food in Orange Town. Its owner was Hocker. After his death, Chou-Chou decided to protect it. Mohji and Richie burned the store down. It first appeared in Chapter 12 and Episode 6.

Two years later, Chouchou has the grand opening of his new pet food shop.

Drinker's Pub

Drinker's Pub is a bar located in Orange Town. Buggy and his pirate crew used this bar as their hangout while they were there. It was blown apart when Luffy deflected a Buggy Ball back at the crew. The pub first appeared in Chapter 9 and Episode 5.


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Orange Town
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Orange Town Arc

The Buggy Pirates invaded this town forcing the citizens to flee. Only Mayor Boodle and Chouchou remained. After Luffy and Zoro defeated Buggy and his crew, peace returned to the town.

From the Decks of the World

After the timeskip, Chouchou, Boodle, and Poro are seen again during the opening of Chouchou's pet food shop.

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