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The Orb is an ancient artifact from the island in One Piece: Unlimited Adventure. It is a central plot device and tool used for the game's progression.[1]


The orb's six colors of energy.

The orb is a round, shiny blue gem covered in moving white specks. It emits streaks of blue and white light when activated. The orb is able to absorb other objects and process them into six colors of energy: Blue, Green, Red, Black, White, and Gold. Each color has measurable Orb Power, which can increase up to '10' by defeating enough strong opponents. Different levels of Orb Power are required to activate the orb to perform tasks like clearing obstacles or releasing seals.[1]


Luffy activates the orb.

According to the island's monuments, the orb gives shape to the desires of those who break the island's seals. This was shown after the Straw Hat Pirates broke all of the island's seals binding the Evil Guardian, when the spirit of Sealed created friend for Popora and completely transformed the island into a paradise.[1]


Sealed uses the orb to give life to Popora.

The orb's primary ability is creation. Those who wield the orb can use it to bring life to clay figures, as seen in Popora's creation and the animation of the statue of the island's guardian god. The creations' personalities are largely dependent on who they are created by; those created with love and kindness are kind-natured, and those created out of hatred are hostile and destructive. The Majin Soldiers were also brought to life alongside their leader, and when they are defeated, they drop bits of clay.[1]

The following creatures were created with the orb:


The orb is capable of sealing away beings like the Evil Guardian, but this process requires a great deal of strength from the orb's user. Because Sealed was not strong enough to seal the monster and live on, he focused his energy on sealing it away and sacrificed his life doing so. This seal also kept part of his soul inside the orb.[1]

Land Manipulation

The orb also has the ability to manipulate land and space. Luffy used it to clear away translucent walls blocking his path, summon platforms made of bones or plants, and open up walkways leading to the island's seals. The orb's power was eventually used to turn the island itself into a paradise for Popora.[1]

Memory Projection

The orb was able to project others' memories and show them to those nearby. It showed memories from the Straw Hat Pirates that were similar to Popora's, and these memories could be used to understand and communicate with Popora. The memories themselves appeared in vivid detail and color but were rather short.[1]



The island's residents steal the orb from Sealed.

The orb was used by Sealed to bring prosperity and bountiful harvests to the island. He also used it to bring Popora to life. However, the island's residents were concerned about invaders and demanded that he use it to make Popora into something that could fight and protect them. When he refused, the group stole Sealed's orb from him and used it to bring a statue of the island's guardian god to life. Created out of hatred, the Evil Guardian wreaked havoc on the island and slaughtered its people. Sealed used the orb to seal the monster away but at the cost of his one life, sealing his soul inside the orb.[1]

One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

One day, Luffy was fishing off the side of his ship when he reeled in the orb. He tried to eat it, but when he showed it to Sanji, the cook told him to throw it away. Luffy decided to keep it, and when he jumped into the air and called for an island to appear, the orb began to glow and brought an island forth from below the sea.

Luffy landed on the island but was separated from his crew. As he explored the area, he found a spot with a translucent wall and heard his friends cry out. He noticed the orb glowing, and when he pulled it out of his pocket, the wall disappeared. Popora ran up and hit him over the head, and the orb showed the two of them memories of Sealed and Shanks.

After Luffy reunited with his crew and explored the island, he used the orb to clear pathways and release the island's seals. The orb showed him and his crew memories of their and Popora's pasts, eventually bringing them together as friends. After releasing every seal, the orb absorbed their energy. They eventually faced and defeated the Evil Guardian and escaped a crumbling Cave Zone to safety above.

The orb shatters, releasing Sealed's soul.

With the island's evil vanquished and peace restored, Luffy laid down on his back while Nami lamented the lack of treasure. When the captain stood back up, the orb fell out of his pocket. Nami exclaimed that they still had the gem as treasure, but suddenly, the orb shattered. Its pieces began to glow and let out Sealed's spirit. Sealed used his parting act to create friends for Popora and turn the island into a paradise while the crew departed for their next adventure.[1]



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