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Orbit[2] was a cruise ship from East Blue. Sanji was a trainee chef aboard it.

Ship Design and Appearance

The Orbit was a large cruise ship with four large rectangular main sails and a lateen sail in the back. The figurehead was a large bottle of wine with a cork in it. It also flew a flag. In the anime, the orbit is pink.


Thirteen years ago, the Orbit was docked at the East Blue nation of Cozia when it was attacked by Germa 66. After the assault commenced, a young Sanji escaped from the Germa Kingdom and boarded the Orbit, thereafter becoming a trainee chef.[3]

Two years later, during one of its voyages, the Orbit was attacked by Zeff and his crew. However, before the pirates could celebrate their victory, a storm appeared and the Orbit, along with the Cooking George, was destroyed by a tidal wave, leaving Sanji and Zeff alive but stranded on a deserted rock.[4]


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