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Second and third page of the omake, doubling as the Color Spread for Chapter 304.

The Orchestra of the Sea (海の音楽会 Umi no ongakkai?) is a four-page omake accompanying Chapter 304, serving as a frame story for its color spread as well as an unofficial interlude between the Skypiea Arc and the Long Ring Long Land Arc.

It is technically the first omake featured under the Strawhat Theater (麦わら劇場 Mugiwara gekijō?) label. However, it has little in common with later entries such as Chopper Man or Monster Time, which are exclusive to log books and databooks, always drawn in a super-deformed style, and never colored.


The Straw Hat Pirates gather on a bandstand in the middle of the ocean, planning to lure out fish for dinner by playing beautiful music (though Zoro idly notes that Chopper would make more effective bait, much to Chopper's horror). Once they start playing, the legendary Rainbow Moray Eel Brothers appear.

Unfortunately, Luffy and the others are so dazzled by the sight that they forget to actually catch the eels, which enrages Nami (and earns Luffy a fresh beating).



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