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The Organ Dealing Assassination Group is a non-canon group of assassins who were associated with the organ trader Jigra.[1]


Not much is known about this group, other than that they collect, especially through murder, and sell organs. The grunts wear purple suits, red afros, and white masks.[1]


According to Katakuri, there were 100 members when they attacked the venue for Sanji and Pudding's wedding.[1]

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Organ Dealing Assassination Group
Jigra  Gum 150 Opera Wolf
????? 95 Henchmen


The grunts are highly proficient swordsmen, being able to deflect numerous bullet volleys fired by the Fire Tank Pirates. The four members who lead them are extremely skilled fighters consisting of a wolf mink, a muscular strong man (who is impervious to bullets), a chain sickle wielder, and a knife wielder. They easily overpowered a majority of Bege's men, but they were no match for Oven and Daifuku.[1]



At some point in the past, the group formed and planned to infiltrate one of Big Mom's tea parties to kill the attendees and sell their organs in the Underworld black market.[1]

Whole Cake Island Arc

After Katakuri shot down Jigra, the Organ Dealing Assassination Group initiated an attack on the wedding venue. The Fire Tank Pirates tried to repel them but were unable to fend them off. Oven and Daifuku stepped in and easily subdued the assassins.[1]


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