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The Oshi Oshi no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to freely move and shape the ground as though it was malleable like clay.[2] It was eaten by Morley.[1]


  • Oshi (押し?) means "push/pressure", derived from osu (押す?) which means "to push/press"; e.g. oshinokeru (押しのける?) means "to push/brush aside/away".

Strengths and Weaknesses

By simply pushing the ground, the user is able to shape it according to their whims. They can manipulate many types of ground, from soft earth to hard rock to even modified stones such as bricks and streets. Thus, this fruit has a good degree of offensive power since it directly affects the enemy's footing, such as flipping an entire chunk of the street onto an enemy. The user is also capable of channeling this ability through objects they hold, and so can grab ahold of the ground by jabbing into it with a weapon.[1]

The fruit also gives the user the ability to tunnel through the ground by pushing it to clear a way for them. Unlike conventional digging, the moved earth appears to stay in place, protecting the user from cave-ins. This tunneling ability works well for infiltration.[1][3]

No weaknesses are currently known aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Morley often uses this fruit to move through the ground undetected, as she arrived to confront the Peachbeard Pirates this way[1] and infiltrated Mary Geoise by tunneling through the Red Line.[4] Her tunnels sometimes also help other Revolutionaries with infiltration by creating underground rooms in which they can hide.[3] She also uses it in combat.[1]

Over 100 years ago, Morley used this power to construct elaborate tunnels between Levels 5 and 6 of the prison Impel Down, which were later used by fellow revolutionary Emporio Ivankov as a hideout dubbed as Level 5.5.[2]


  • This is the first named, canon Devil Fruit to have been eaten by a giant.
    • The first named Devil Fruit to have been eaten by a giant is the non canon Mini Mini no Mi.
    • The first canon Devil Fruit to have been eaten by a giant is the unnamed fruit eaten by Sanjuan Wolf.
  • This fruit bears similarity to some other Devil Fruits:
  • The existence of this Devil Fruit was first hinted in Chapter 538 through Emporio Ivankov, who referred to it as a "Devil Fruit power that was good for digging".


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