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Ox is one of Deacon's subordinates.[1]


Ox is a man with thin eyebrows and medium-length black hair. He has dark, oil-like spots on his face and arms. He wears a light-blue bandana, a short-sleeved red shirt, and a yellow and black vest over it.


Ox is allegiant to Deacon. He is also rather carefree and oblivious, dancing with Crown and Luffy before realizing that the latter was his enemy.[1]


Premier Show 2007

Ox followed Deacon to Atoll and helped him take it over by force. He and Crown were sent by Deacon to find the treasure hidden on the island's seabed, and, while searching, the two men met the Buggy Pirates. Ox and the rest of Deacon's subordinates were ordered to help fight the Straw Hat Pirates, but he and Crown danced with a fat Luffy after the pirate at before realizing that he was their enemy. Luffy slammed the two men into each other, defeating them.[1]

It is unknown what happened to Ox when Atoll was destroyed and his captain perished.

Major Battles


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