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"PAINT" is the 24th opening of the One Piece anime and the 10th opening of the second half of the series.


The opening starts with Luffy's straw hat floating underwater before Luffy comes in and grabs it. The shot then moves to show Whitebeard, Roger (as the duo appeared two decades ago), Rocks D. Xebec's silhouette, and finally Shanks. Kaidou then appears in his dragon hybrid form and prepares to swing his kanabo; the shot then changes to Luffy in front of Kaidou's full dragon form preparing to throw a Haki-infused punch. The One Piece titlecard then fades into view, accompanied by rapid transitions in the background each showing two sets of characters: first Jinbe and Usopp, then Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law, then Brook and Marco, then Franky and Robin, then Yamato and Ace, then Chopper and Momonosuke, then Usopp and Zoro, then Sanji and Nami, then Chopper and Franky, then Robin and Jinbe, then Robin, Franky, Sanji, and Nami. The titlecard then appears in full over an out-of-focus shot of the Straw Hats. The titlecard then disappears and the Straw Hats come clearly into view. A left-facing Luffy enters the front center of the shot.

The opening then shows a shot of Onigashima flying as the Straw Hats walk toward it, ready for battle. Big Mom and Kaidou then appear and perform an attack, and the shot lingers on Kaidou as he is joined by six of the Tobiroppo (sans X Drake). Momonosuke and Shinobu are then seen with shocked expressions on their faces as they witness Big Mom razing what appears to be the Flower Capital with a bolt of lightning. Several swords are then shown falling from the sky in a more mountainous area, down toward a shot of a New World Log Pose covered in ice; Kozuki Oden is shown reaching out and grabbing one of the swords. Queen and King are then seen performing attacks in their Zoan forms inside Kaidou's fortress before Oden appears in front of them and does a sword slash; the camera then fixates on one of his eyes as the Oden disguise fades away revealing the figure's true identity to be Kanjuro. The scene then shifts to a dark shot of Orochi in the background looking over the Nine Red Scabbards (minus Kanjuro), Izou, and Fukurokuju. The Scabbards and Izou are surrounded by a blue aura, while Fukurokuju is surrounded by a red one. The masked CP0 agents are then shown sitting in a room, and the shot darkens as a silhouette of Orochi in his Yamata no Orochi form appears behind the red-tinted window. A shot of Drake and Hyogoro against a backdrop of Onigashima is then shown.

The opening then shows Kaidou in his Zoan form breathing a blast of fire as Yamato faces him; Yamato is then shown over a background shot of him crying preparing for battle, with the background then changing to a dragon statue. Ace is then shown in front of a growing burst of flames, and then the opening shows Marco flying in his phoenix form and performing a kick attack. After another establishing shot of Onigashima, Kaidou is shown in dragon form flying up into some purple clouds, and Luffy runs up his body before punching him with Gear 3. Franky is then shown clashes with Sasaki, Robin battles with Black Maria, and Jinbe takes on Who's-Who; the three Tobiroppo are all shown in their Zoan hybrid forms. Chopper and Brook are seen performing attacks, while Sanji and Zoro attack some low-ranking Beasts Pirates. Ulti and Page One are then shown pursuing Nami, Usopp, Brook, and Tama, and Big Mom comes flying in behind them ready to attack as Ulti and Page One activate their Zoan abilities. The opening then goes back to showing Luffy fighting Kaidou, with Luffy now in Gear 4; the two clash with Kaidou headbutting Luffy's punch. Kaidou is then shown in his dragon hybrid form attacking Luffy with his mace; the two engage in a powerful Haki clash in which they do not physically touch.

A short preview montage of the episode's events is then shown. Following this, Luffy is shown sinking underwater; his eyes open, he is then grabbed and pulled out by Law and Kid. With the three of them in the air, Luffy stretches himself back to launch himself further, and he flies through the clouds along the Thousand Sunny, where the rest of his crew is. A montage of shots containing two Straw Hats is then shown; first Nami and Robin, then Zoro and Sanji, then Chopper and Usopp, then Brook and Franky, and finally Jinbe and Luffy. The Straw Hats are then shown in midair over the Sunny celebrating, before the opening ends on a shot of the Sunny flying toward the horizon as the One Piece titlecard appears next to it.




(Clear = Lyrics from broadcast version, Green = Lyrics from full version)

Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
いざ手を伸ばして 風を切り裂いて izateo nobashite kazeo kirisaite Reach out your hand and cut through the wind
己の地図を描いてゆけ onoreno chizuo egaiteyuke Draw your own map
右も左もグチャグチャに 荒れた海のような時代 migimo hidarimo guchaguchani areta uminoyōna jidai As we live our days just like the stormy seas
築き上げた価値観さえも 崩れ去ろうとした kizukiageta kachikansaemo kuzuresarōto shita Even the values we had built up were about to fall apart
羅針盤の指した先が 正しいのかどうかなんて rashinbanno sashita sakiga tadashīnoka dōkanante Who knows if the compass is pointing in the right direction?
どうせ誰にもわからないんだ dōse darenimo wakaranainda No one knows for certain
深く息を吸いこんで 瞳閉じれば fukaku ikio suikon'de hitomi tojireba If you breathe deeply and close your eyes
浮かび上がるのは 魂の示す航路 ukabiagarunowa tamashīno shimesu michi What emerges is the path your soul reveals
いざ手を伸ばして 風を切り裂いて izateo nobashite kazeo kirisaite Reach out your hand, cut through the wind,
暗闇を蹴っ飛ばして kurayamio kettobashite kick away the darkness
今 僕は僕のために 君は君のために そうだろう? ima bokuwa bokuno tameni kimiwa kimino tameni sōdarō I do it for my own, and you do yours, don't we?
己の地図を描いてゆけ onoreno chizuo egaiteyuke Draw your own map
勝利の栄光が選ぶ人が 僕じゃないとしても shōrino ēkōga erabu hitoga bokuja naito shitemo Even if I'm not the one, the glory of victory chooses
何かが明日に待っている そう信じたいから nankaga asuni matteiru sō shinjitaikara I would want to believe that something's waiting for me tomorrow
例えそれが負けた犬の無様な遠吠えだって tatoe sorega maketa inuno buzamana tōboedatte Even if its a terrible howl of a losing dog
いっそ可憐に吠えてみせるよ isso karenni hoetemiseruyo Let it roar, just like the courageous one's
深く息を吸いこんで 瞳閉じれば fukaku ikio suikonde hitomi tojireba Breathe in deeply and close your eyes
聞こえてくるのは 魂を揺らす唄 kikoetekurunowa tamashīo yurasu uta What I hear is a song that shakes my soul
今いる居場所が 理想とは違っても ima irui bashoga risōtowa chigattemo Even though the place I'm in now is different from what I dreamed of
僕は僕を超えていくんだ bokuwa bokuo koeteikunda I'll go beyond myself
皮肉な世界の今日も 好きな色で塗り替えてしまえばいいだろう hinikuna sekaino kyōmo sukina irode nurikaeteshimaeba īdarō Today's ironic world can be repainted in any color
覚悟はできているさ kakugowa dekiteirusa And I'm ready for it
時に頼り合えるような 存在に支えられ tokini tayoriaeruyōna sonzaini sasaerare With the support of someone I can rely
想像を超えた未来 掴み取れ sōzōo koeta mirai tsukamitore Seize the future beyond your imagination
いざ手を伸ばして 風を切り裂いて 暗闇を蹴っ飛ばして izateo nobashite kazeo kirisaite Reach out your hand, cut through the wind,
暗闇を蹴っ飛ばして kurayamio kettobashite kick away the darkness
僕らは何処までもゆける 涙も迷いもいっそ引き連れて bokurawa dokomademo yukeru namidamo mayoimo isso hikitsurete We'll go whereever we wanna go, tears and doubts in tow
己の色で描いてゆけ onoreno irode egaiteyuke Let's paint it in our own colors


  • This opening shows the following before they appear in the anime:
  • In the performance video, the One Piece logo was removed at the end. Furthermore, the I Don't Like Mondays. logo appears on the floor when all four members are on the spotlight, as well as the end of the video.
  • Due to the addition of the new ending theme Raise in Episode 1071, various elements from the later part of the opening were removed, such as montage of the episode's events as well as the scenes involving Ulti, Page One, Nami, Usopp, Tama and Big Mom, Luffy attacking Kaidou, and both Law and Kid grabbing onto Luffy's arms.
  • At 69 episodes, PAINT, along with DREAMIN' ON, are the second longest running opening overall, behind We Go! at 72 episodes.

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